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Thread: SFT Monday 31/365

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default SFT Monday 31/365

    Well folks, here we are at the end of the first month of 2011. Where are you at now?
    Just as a reminder here is what we posted on the first day of 2011. You will see a few names that have dropped off the radar here... Quinn, GB, roller coaster, some new recruits..... Some are probably posting elsewhere, but some just disappeared.

    Today is a HUGE day with DS having his last day at his wonderful little school that he has been at for 6 years. A school that I have been immersed in for almost 10 years as DD also went there and is a huge part of our social connections.

    DS is moving to a learning disabilities resource room in another school so he can have access to the computers and software he needs to learn. It is only available to him for the rest for this year and next year, and he needs to try it to see if it helps him.

    My goal this week is nutritional balance so that my body runs well and my emotions are not affected by blood sugar highs and lows. The more even keeled I can be the better for him.

    B: oatmeal, fresh blueberries, a walnut -check

    S: apple and lite bread with ff cheese - check

    L: vegetable soup, salad, check

    S: rainbow smoothie - did not have this

    D: brown rice and lentils - check

    S: shredded wheat (re hydrated with hot water ) check

    WPA's on dates (6) tortilla chips (8) and hot chocolate to go (5) = 19/49
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    Soda - that's kinda sad that it's his last day, is he stressed over changing schools or excited?
    I also need to ensure this week I eat foods that my body NEEDS, not what my emotions want.

    I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday buddies, I had a pretty creepy event happen in the morning when I was in the shower getting ready. I heard someone pounding at my front door, trying to get in and trying to put their key in. I had to run out with only a housecoat and towel only to see it was my VERY intoxicated top-floor neighbor with a huge gash in his head, blood all over the place. Even though I told him it was the wrong apartment, he tried to get in! I'm still a little shaken up by it, the landlord is going to evict him, but I'll probably still be on edge until he's out. This wasn't the first time it happened either, his drunk wife ended up walking in our apartment a couple times. -sighs- You would think I live in the slums but it's actually a really nice downtown apartment.

    This week is going to be challenging for me. i'm going to find out what's happening with my job and where I'm heading in the company.
    My WI wasn't great this week, so I'm hoping to find some time for myself to work out at some point or just try and eat more whole foods. I had a lot of salt the past few days and I'm retaining a lot of fluids.

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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    0/49 WAPs used - 0 APs earned.
    Smoothie 3/29
    Tofu (6) with olive oil and BBQ sauce (5) Green beans with earth balance (1) 15/29
    Dinner: Tofu leftovers (5) grilled sandwich (7) 27/29
    Snack: cereal (5) 32/29 [3 WAPs used]
    I'm happy I only had veggies and hummus tonight! 7 WAPs used total.
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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    Good morning! I've been using PointsPlus since it first rolled out (Points and slacking off before that!) and I am ready to commit to Simply Filling. I don't do well with moderation of certain foods -namely sugar and gluten- and I prefer to eat whole, vegetarian foods whenever possible. I am totally one of the people who reads the boards, searching for inspiration, but never comments, so I am committing 7 days of accountability on the Simply Filling board!

    B: banana scramble, hard boiled egg, soy milk latte

    S: grapes

    L: homemade tomato soup, gf spinach cheese bites (3)

    S: refried beans with veggie sticks?

    D: polenta with veggies and tomato sauce or fried rice and tofu

    S: smoothie or banana soft serve

    Sodacracker -- I am a special education teacher and I think it is great that your son is getting a chance to take advantage of the resources available in your district! I hope it works out well for him and you!

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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    I'm going to try to keep up here buddies. I miss you guys!!

    I joined WW online yesterday. I had a great OP day!! I'm not going to try to tackle SFT right now until I get the online journaling/points tracker thing figured out. It's a lot of time entering things!!

    I'd like to post my journals here but they don't seem to copy over.....

    Soda- I hope the transition goes well for DS!
    Michelle- I'd be super creeped out by that!!
    Kendra- I've got huge problems with sugar and gluten as well. I'm gluten intolerant too. A bunch of us here were vegans for quite some time (and some still are). I'm focusing on getting back OP first, increasing my exercise second, getting back to gluten-free third, then vegetarian fourth and ultimately I'd like to be a gluten-free vegan again. It's not easy but I felt better when I was!!

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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    Morning buddies!

    Soda - I hope your son has a smooth transition. The end of an era for all of you.

    Michelle - that is creepy. Be safe - keep your door locked!

    Kenderra - welcome!

    Kimberley - WTG on joining. You can do it!

    I am off to WW in an hour or so. Need to blow dry my hair, a job I hate doing, but worth it when it's done!!

    I am hoping to see a loss, but it's PMT time, so there may be some water retention going on. Hopefully all my painting burnt off some calories!!

    B: banana at meeting
    D:I am eating out tonight, so will look at the menu on line before i go. Dinner will be followed by an hour or so of line dancing.

    Have a fab day buddies!


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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    Soda - Hope the transition is smooth. It is hard to make changes, but hopefully this will be a good one.

    Michelle - That is very creepy. I have only lived in apartments twice and very briefly and they just make me nervous.

    Kendra - Welcome

    Kimberely - Did you ever receive the WW disk? It was sent some time ago I thought.

    Well, I have to get moving fast. We have an ice storm coming tomorrow and have a plumber coming to hook up dd heater for her room. So need to get going fast. Busy day planned. Need to finish work before taking dd to school, after the plumber. Then on to do laundry and some errands before the ice hits. Fun! Fun! Fun!

    Last week I gained 4.4 and this week I lost 4.6 so basically I lost 0.2 more, which is fine with me. It is a loss. I counted points, which I hated but I guess it works better for me as I am eating more fats in my items from the farm.

    B-cottage cheese and blueberries

    L-greek yogurt and banana

    Never give up or look back,


    HW: 238
    WW: 8/18/06--210

    GOAL: 130

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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    Mickee- It hasn't arrived yet but I'll be on the lookout. Sometimes things get held up crossing the border. I guess I should have access to all that information now that I joined WW online myself!! Just LMK who to send it to next and I'll be sure to let you know when it arrives!

    Becky- I hope you don't mind me asking but I've been curious to find out what happened with your indoor gym. Did you sell it? What type of work are you doing now? You probably won't be able to work in the US, will you? It's hard when one spouse is on a working visa and the other isn't legally allowed to work. How long will you be in Kansas, do you think?

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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    Sorry but a quick hello just to say that I am here and plan to keep up with the "stabilize my blood sugar, plant based, whole food eating plan." (Not a very catch name though!)

    I wil try to get back for personals later, otherwise I have to see you tomorrow.

    So glad we are here for each other.

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    quick check in - very happy DS after meeting his new teacher and seeing his new class. He is upstairs excitedly telling DD about the computers, the kids looking forward to meeting him, the boy who has already put his desk next to DS's for tomorrow morning... so happy for him. So relieved for me.

    Kendrra - nice to meet you and hope you keep posting

    Michelle- ye gads! Hope you get some good news at your job this week
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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    Quote Originally Posted by KimberleyW View Post
    Becky- I hope you don't mind me asking but I've been curious to find out what happened with your indoor gym. Did you sell it? What type of work are you doing now? You probably won't be able to work in the US, will you? It's hard when one spouse is on a working visa and the other isn't legally allowed to work. How long will you be in Kansas, do you think?
    Hi Kimberley, of course I don't mind you asking! We sold the indoor play area in Sept 2009, as two of the 4 partners needed to move on. I have been book keeping for a cosmetics company part time, and taking French claases.

    I hope to get back into nursing in some way in Kansas, as I don't have the language barrier that I do here. I haven't nursed for 10 yrs though, so i have some re-training ahead of me! I will no doubt find voluntary work to keep me busy.

    The move is considered permanent. We don't plan to move again until the boys are finished school.

    Have a fab day!


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    Default Re: SFT Monday 31/365

    Reporting in to say that it looks like I just might make it through today entirely vegan!!

    B: oatmeal, soy milk, banana & maple syrup
    S: pear; hot chocolate (I guess that's not vegan-- though it's just cocoa powder and sugar so perhaps it is)
    L: fried tofu; brown rice; clementine oranges
    D: baked falafel sandwich (recipe from WW online)

    P: 32

    Becky- That's good DH's company will make the commitment to let you stay there until the kids are done. We think a lot about returning to the US for the kids to go to high school. It's hard to get into a good US university from Canada. If we moved to LA, we'd be able to send them to the California university system (UCLA, UC Berkeley, etc). Then again, I think that the Canadian universities work well if you plan on staying in Canada and aren't looking to get into anything too academic. It was very hard for people with PhD's from Canadian universities to get hired to teach in Canada. There was a certain "cache" about having US/Europeans on staff.

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