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Thread: What I love about making homemade veggie burgers...

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    Default What I love about making homemade veggie burgers...

    Not only are they made with good ingredients, AND a n easy 5 minute lunch, but they can also be made as a crumble with an egg for yet ANOTHER meal idea.

    I made a crumble today, with an egg on top, and put it over a tortilla.

    AND, as a small NSV, when I rolled the tortilla, where the beginning part was with just wrap and no filling, I just ripped it off and di not "need" to eat it just becasue it was there.

    Try some homemade veggie burger mix in YOUR fridge this week, and see if you agree!

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    Default Re: What I love about making homemade veggie burgers...

    What recipe did you end up going with?!

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    Default Re: What I love about making homemade veggie burgers...

    This was the last of the chickpea experiment. It started as cold salad with 8 servings each of chickpeas and spinach, then "some wheat berries tossed in, and a can of drained diced pineapple. When I got tored of eating it as a cold or warm salad I threw the rest in the food processor, wirred it up, added some oatbran, and tried to make a burger. Since it didn't hold together, I added an egg and "some" vital wheat gluten. See the non-recipe here? And it did turn out really delish.

    However, next I will try the recipe you suggester to try to learn some proportions.

    I did like that I had equal parts beans and greens since I am not great at getting my veggies in.

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