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Thread: That's a lot of yogurt!

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    Default That's a lot of yogurt!

    Here is the tale of how one WW almost strayed, but stayed OP by looking for a power food in the drugstore

    I was hungry today, mid afternoon, driving back to the office from a meeting. No food back at the office, 3 hours before quitting time. If I waited to eat until I got home later today, well, those fast food options would have been harder to ignore.

    My choices were DQ, McDonald's, Tim Horton's and a Drugstore with a grocery section.

    I chose the drugstore.

    First, I perused the health food section and read nutritional and calorie information on meal replacement bars, Lara bars and protein bars.

    hmm.... some not so bad, but would have to use points and not as filling as I needed.

    I looked at bagels, bread and popcorn.

    I looked at yogurt. A sale on the 650 g. tubs of ff artificially sweetened yogurt. I chose cherry and took it back to the office where I ate the whole container over the next 30 minutes and ...... felt satisfied.

    I thought about how at $4 the yogurt seemed like an expensive snack, but I would have spent as much, or more, at a fast food drive in. That the NI was 227 calories, 0 fat, 18 grams protein and 36 grams protein, so, if counting would only have been 6 points.

    So , a success and while I have not eaten that kind of yogurt in years I did appreciate staying OP today.

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    My question is.......How much is 650 g???? That didn't tell me much, but guessing from the $4 price, quite a large container.
    Never give up or look back,


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    Yep I agree that is a lot of yogurt. I try to eat 8 oz a day, but not 22 oz in one day. Oh my!!!!
    Never give up or look back,


    HW: 238
    WW: 8/18/06--210

    GOAL: 130

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    A whole container is only 6 pts?
    Damn - I may need to start eating yogurt again. I just personally cannot stand the artificial sweetner though, I wonder if that affects the points value if it's no longer calorie based. hmmm.

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    sodacracker Guest

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    yeah, I was surprised at the points too. I have not eaten artificially sweetened yogurt in years, and likely will not make it a regular occurrence. But, given the options of calories dense non Power foods vs staying SFT and eating a Power food, I am OK with choosing it. It also taught me to take more food to work!

    The wierd thing is that the plain ff version of this yogurt actually has slightly more calories for the same amount.

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    Default Re: That's a lot of yogurt!

    Sodacracker - way to go on making the healthy food choice! Didn't it feel great after you did it?

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    Good for you!

    And thanks for sharing. All the ideas we get can help us in a similar situation some day.

    And...yes, that is a lot of yogurt. LOL.

    Good for you!

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    Default Re: That's a lot of yogurt!

    yep - it felt good to chose something to eat that fit the program. Being SFT means that food choices out of the house are harder at times, and this was a good example of having to make the best of a limited option situation.

    Also, while it may seem surprising, to some, that I ate that much yogurt at one mini meal, volume and points wise it was about the same as what I would have eaten if I had brought enough food to work .

    For example, mid afternoon at work I typically would have a piece of fruit, some leftover oatmeal or other food, about 1 cup, with some kind of milk.

    I cannot find the WW article link, but the research on volume eating is part of the SFT eating plan .

    I find myself in this position of having to work through my choices in the store, aisle by aisle, sometimes. It is a positive affirmation to myself to have made a choice that kept me on program versus buying a muffin or something from the coffee shop and then "forgetting" to count the points.

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    I think you were smart. I could see me eating that whole carton if necessary. Like eating 3 apples or bananas would be a lot, but eating them instead of the other junk, then no problem.

    Good for you! You are being mindful, AND sharing it with us to ispire us to be mindful. Thanks.

    And, I was thinking, that may seem like a lot of yogurt, but I for one, will admit to eating that much of another cold creamy delight while watching TV with dh...too many times.

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