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Thread: SFT 27/365 Thursday

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default SFT 27/365 Thursday

    so we are 27 days into the New Year.

    Bet some of you you didn't think it would take this long for you to still be getting over the holiday over eating. I can tell that week by week we are eating better at our house, there are still slips, but I am improving a bit each week as I move toward being on program more days than I am off.

    I still make mistakes, like yesterday, shortbread was on sale at the store and I bought DH 2 boxes. He found himself eating it at 3:00 a.m. so he is taking the rest to work. He does not even know there is another box hidden away for him. DS complained that all the other families have cookies when he visits and why don't we? I bought a bag of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and he and DD plowed their way through 1/3 of the bag. That's why we do not have cookies in the house.

    See you all after work.

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    Soda -
    I know what you mean, I think we'll all have our moments.
    I still have my high point days but it makes me sane. Isn't there a way to have healthy cookies for the kids? I hate how the American-diet has inflicted all homes. It's all about Pizza/Kool-aid and cookies. Makes me crabby to think about sometimes.

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    Dinner: Ginger ale, plain tofu with steam green beans urgh (8 WAPs)
    Snack: Nothing tonight.
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    Morning all!

    I was in bed by 8pm last night, I'm fighting off a cold. Can't be sick for the weekend - there's too much painting to do! DH took the boys & Odie to dog training, and they started learning a new trick. Hopefully we'll be able to 'shoot' the dog by saying bang and he'l lay down and roll over. Perfect trick for boys!!

    I have the house inspector coming at 1.30, so I really need to get off the computer, clean the house & get out of my jammies! In some ways I am dreading this inspection, as I ahve a fear that he will find something terribly wrong with the structure of our home that will affect the value. However, DH & I both decided that we would rather know if there is bad news now, rather than when a buyer gets an inspection. So, fingers crossed - and stay away form the fridge. I will not attempt to eat away my stress. It doesn't work.

    B: oatmeal
    D: probably chilli as the kids are at a city event tonight & get dinner there & I have loads of chilli in the freezer. Easy dinner for DH & I!
    Snacks: fruit / yoghurt

    wishing you all a good day, stick to the plan! Make it count!


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    My daughter taught our dachshund to do that trick, but he will only do it for her. I try and he looks at me like you idiot. So hope your dog learns to do it well. It is quite amusing to watch.

    I have no plan for the day at all.

    B-4 prunes and a glass of water.

    L-Benihann's for b-day celebration for dd.

    Never give up or look back,


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    FUnny - the dog trick!

    I am here and committed today. Thanks for starting a thread.

    I spend waaaaay too much time on the computer. I have been up here for over an house checking my boards, doing Facebook, etc. It is such a time VACUUM.

    Anyhow, I seeb a bit hungrier today, but still making choices.

    8:30 - smoothie, then coffee
    11:00 - eggs, wheat berries, salsa
    l - weird, did I not have lunch??
    3:00 - can I admit I had a nice cold beer?
    d - white bean and lentil soup is waiting, buckwheat. Hmmm, need a veggie in there

    Plan for lunch is another veggie burger
    Plan for dinner is some white bean soup over buckwheat.

    Have a good one.

    cw 142
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    Default Re: SFT 27/365 Thursday

    Lunch: scrambled eggs. I am trying to ensure I get a good amount of protein at lunch to help ward off the afternoon munchies!


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    Default Re: SFT 27/365 Thursday

    Afternoon munchies are a tricky time for me, too. I can't quite get ahead of them, then I wind up eating an amount that makes me not hungry for dinner.
    Anyhow, good idea.

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default Re: SFT 27/365 Thursday

    Food today

    brk: rainbow smoothie, shredded wheat with bran

    snack : plain oatmeal

    Lunch: vegetarian chili, apple, carrots, tea

    Snack: ff yogurt (lots)

    Dinner: lettuce, tomato, and ff cheese slices on lite bread, 2 cookies ( 4)

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    Default Re: SFT 27/365 Thursday

    Quote Originally Posted by chellybats View Post
    Isn't there a way to have healthy cookies for the kids? I hate how the American-diet has inflicted all homes. It's all about Pizza/Kook-aid and cookies. Makes me crabby to think about sometimes.
    The thing around our house is sweetness. If it is sweet, they over eat, even if it is dried fruit ( you should see how fast medjool dates disappear around here! so better to not have it, and just go out for one serving with their own allowance if they want it.

    And I totally agree about the SAD ( Standard American Diet). It takes concerted effort to to be an outlier when it come to eating in North America. That's why I like the vegans to post, their menus are great examples of how to eat differently.

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