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Thread: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

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    Default SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    Once we get to the end of January I have to stop labelling each thread the date out of 365 - it will get to be too much for my brain .

    Cold here, with a bit of a busy weekend- a meeting, some volunteer work, swim and guitar lessons, DS and 3 pals are being driven to another city to visit a school mate who moved way last year. DH and I will do the morning drive, which will be two hours round trip and another parent will pick them up.

    DD studying for exams and somewhere we need to buy some groceries. Thankfully all that cooking I did earlier in the week means the freezer is filled with next week's dinner.

    My manicure is still holding up!

    I have very short nails to begin with, and after all their filing yesterday they are almost down to the pink. I watched women have all sorts of gel nails that had pictures on them being applied.

    Do any of you have artificial nails?
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    Default Re: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    meals today
    well, first, I have to talk about what is happening at my end with late night eating.

    I was not having a problem with this until this month when we started DS on a sleep program to help his bed wetting. He has to be woken at 11:30 p.m. and therefore I am staying up later than usual and at midnight am eating. At that point I have not eaten for 5 or 6 hours and am hungry.

    I have not eaten for so long because I stop at 6 in order to take a pill that needs OT be taken 4 hours after food.

    It just occurred to me last night (duh ) that since I have to stay up later with DS, I could stop eating at 8, meaning I can build in a snack after supper that fits the program.

    Instead of, like last night, eating 3 of his granola bars.

    Will try tonight. Super power thinking

    B: shredded wheat with bran and milk, and coffee
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    Default Re: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    I hear you on the late night snacking Soda - I try to make sure I snack on nuts, or fruit/veggies - NO CARBS! They make me go crazy.
    I've been working late nights until 3-4 am. So it's hard to not eat during these times.

    Last night I had another high WAP night, but the scale is still going down so I must be making the right choices.
    I told my boyfriend to slap me on the hand if I pick up cereal or granola at nights - I just eat so much of it. So I'm sticking to smoothies - even if I need to have 2, it's way healthier than cereal in the end!

    As for artificial nails - I don't have them but my friends have and they got NASTY infections and fungus from them. I like to stick to short nails and polish

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    Default Re: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    Today's menu!
    TARGET 29
    42 WAPs used - 1 APs earned

    Breakfast: Blueberry, peach, strawberry smoothie with almond milk 3/29
    Snack: Baked Black Bean Tortilla chips with salsa 9/29
    Dinner: Taco with leftovers I had, making Seitan now. 17/29
    Snack: Seitan Faitas with salsa and veggies (3) for tortilla, veggies and salsa (0) and seitan (6) with oil. 26/29
    *** Note for myself 1/2 c gluten flour = 6 pts.
    Smoothie 28/29
    Piece of bread with PB 34/29
    Cleaned the apartment; dishes, dusting, organizing, folding laundry for 2 hours 3 APs.
    Smoothie 36/29
    Pretzels with mustard 40/29 (11 WAPs used).
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    Default Re: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    Hey buddies!

    Walked Odie - it was -27C with windchill. He doesn't care though, and looks very cute in his boots!

    We have friends coming for dinner this evening, I am making chilli - mine will be SF. It's easy to make a separate one for me as I don't like beef, so mine will be chicken with LOTS of beans. i will then put out the 'fixings' to dress it up, and make a salad.

    Our fabulous neighbour has offered to help us paint what needs painting before we sell. I was going to hire a painter & he said that's a waste let me help. Until now we've done all the painting ourselves, and I just didn't feel like doing it all again to sell. But with help - we're in!

    B: COW panacakes with strawberries
    L: spicy bean & tomato soup
    D: will be chilli & rice with salad

    And for those who don't want to post what you're eating...say hi, tell us about your day. We're here for you. Don't give up completely. You are worth it!


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    sodacracker Guest

    Default Re: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    DD wanted a manicure after seeing mine, so while waiting for her they talked me into an eyebrow and upper lip wax.
    eyebrow - ok

    o....m....g OUCH! Afterward it was red and bumpy and looked terrible

    Not feeling I need to do that again! When I got home, DH looked at me and winced

    I hate painting rooms so if someone offered to help I would hug them to pieces!

    Michelle - I will try an 8 pm snack of a smoothie tonight too. Thanks for the idea.

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    Default Re: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    Soda - I hear you about the lip, try to put an unscented moisturizer if it gets dry and itchy.
    I had electrolosis done on my stache hairs and it got so swollen and disgusting - urgh. I had to go Christmas shopping with this nasty lip!

    How are you doing with snacking tonight?
    I had a piece of bread with PB and 2 smoothies, anything to keep my points low and fill up on fruits.
    I've been really stressed and overthinking about things, not good!

    Becky - I can't imagine the stress you're going through, but when it comes to people helping to paint - that must help out a little and ease those levels. I find it goes so much quicker with friends around and you're not as uncomfortable if you need to leave the house for a min to run errands.

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    Default Re: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    I did snack, about 7 pretzels and less than a 1/2 cup of wine. Figured I had about 12 points of granola bars last night at midnight and tonight's food was maybe half of that, so an improvement. I am off to bed soon, so no more eating for me!

    Power to you for staying on track as much as possible tonight.

    Have you ever had laser treament for hair removal?

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    Default Re: SFT 22/365 Saturday Super powers!

    Good for you! I snacked a little as well, but counted everything! I think that's the key - to just make sure we mark things down.

    I never had the laser treatment - I had a friend who's european like me and it can lead to discoloration, make your skin a little more white.
    So I'm going through with electrolysis for now. I don't have much to remove - only 10 hairs or so a year on the tips. I've never waxed or bleached, and still young for my hormones haven't made my hairs really dark.

    I'd love to get laser treatments on my legs though - in the summer I need to shave them every day.

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