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    Good Morning!

    Having written out my food plan on Sunday has already helped enormously. I have eaten more than I planned but made sure the extra was Power Foods. So the experiment/question this week is, "Will I lose weight even if I feel like I may be eating more food than usual, because I am choosing Power foods?"

    Cold and colder here today

    Driving about an hour out of town for my first meeting, and then all office catch up for the rest of the day so not bad.

    The honeymoon glow of DS's first week at his new school is fading and he asked to go back to his friends at his old school. He spent the whole evening in bed last night saying he needed to be alone. Poor little guy.

    see you all later and have a grrrreat day!

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    Aww Soda, that's so sad about DS - I'm sure it's just an adjustment period, it's always fun getting into new things, but then we all look back at something we're used to.
    I'm sure he'll be alright in time.

    This week I'm trying to exercise - I eat very well, but the weight isn't coming off at all. So I think the only way for me to slim down is to get some regular exercise in 5 times a week like I used to. Has anyone been doing WW without exercising and still lost weight? I ended up doing some yoga yesterday and boy am I ever sore, it's always hard to get back into something after not doing it for so long.

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    Morning ladies -

    Soda - I am so sad for your ds. Puts things in perspective for when things are difficult ofr us as adults. Kids don't have the wisdom and experience that we have,but their feelings are just as strong. Thinking of him.

    Michelle - A few years ago I did WW without really exercising and lost - about 1-2 a week. I wouldn't reccommend it, but I know that I have asked that question many times myself.

    I have been trying to eat more vegetarian, and find that I need some inspiration for dinners so that they don't look like "glop" night after night.

    That said, I am here but need to make some food and housekeeping plans, so off I go for now.

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    Good Morning!

    Another OP day down. I am starting to lose track of how many days it's been so that's always a good sign. I can now start moving on to counting the weeks!! I was a couple of points under yesterday but it was getting late, I was watching Lost in bed and I didn't want to eat something right before bed, even though I was hungry and my stomach was growling all the time. I went to bed hungry and lived so chalk it up to a life lesson learned! LOL

    I've got a bunch of stuff to do today. Claire was chosen to be an ambassador for her class with her teacher to travel around to grade 6 classes in the city to drum up enrolment for the French Immersion program. I have to get her at the last school, take her back to her school and pick up some BB teammates to head directly for their game. Lucas has BB after school as well. Jeff & the boys have Cubs. I'm hoping to finish up my errands early afternoon so I can relax a bit before the usual evening insanity rolls out. I have more French translating help to do with Claire's speech so that will take up the rest of the evening!!

    My OP plan-- Jeff made a German pancake for breakfast. I haven't had it yet but am going up to investigate. Lunch will be red lentil pasta with tomato sauce and I'm going to puree in steamed cauliflower to make it a "rose" sauce. Dinner will be homemade spelt pizza as we have leftover dough from this weekend. There wasn't time to make it last night!!

    Have a great OP day everybuddy!

    Soda- I hope that this stage is quick and he makes his peace and is happy again where he is. It's a tough age. I moved Claire around that age and it went back and forth a lot!

    Michelle- I need to pick up the exercise as well. It's strange how it was so central to my life for years but when you crash and hit the wall, it's so hard to get back up again. I was training for a marathon this time last year-- running up to 20 miles at a stretch. How quickly the body loses its physical conditioning when we don't keep up with it.....

    Bridget- I *love* bean burgers. I made falafel yesterday. Black bean burgers. Veggie burgers. I'm not one for glop either. But if you take glob, shape it into patties and bake it, you get yourself a wonderful burger. I found some great flat buns and can put on pickles, ketchup and a bit of mayo. Happy as a clam!! I also like to fry tofu in various sauces and have it over brown rice. Essentially, I like to eat the same foods as when I'm an omnivore, just substitute meat-free versions. The stir fry is like a meat stir fry and the burger is like a meat burger. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to?! LOL

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    Teg & Kim - I would LOVE your burger recipes, and Kim where did you get your falafel recipe from? Is it vegan?

    Kim - Sounds like you have a busy day ahead! I went to bed with an empty stomach too, stopped eating at 7 and was sooo hungry. I was a little cranky in the morning, but survived.
    I was a runner as well, over a year ago - and the weight just came back on. I still eat like I did, and boy did the weight come back on quick. Only 13-15 lbs, but it was surprising how it came from a lack of exercise.

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    Thanks, Kimberley for the encouragement. I should make a 10 or so day rotation and see how that goes.

    Ladies, check this out...

    I think it would work equally well for burgers or meatless meatballs.

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    Thanks for the nice words for DS . I think it must feel the same as if we were given two days notice that we were changing company's and on Thursday started at a new place with new co workers and were expected to just pick right up as if noting had changed.

    He left in an OK mood this morning so hope he had a good day.

    teg, a lot of my meals look like glop , I remember Carol saying once how everything she ate on Core could be eaten out of a bowl with a spoon

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    I lost my original 45 without exercise but was soggy

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    Got some test results last night. Not so good. An area on the femur "lit up" on the bone scan. Having another MRI today in one hour. Possible biopsy to follow, but not today.

    I hardly slept all night. Took a sleeping pill at 12:30am, then woke for the day at 5:30am. Eating way more than planned today. I'm sure it will resolve when my stress level stabilizes.

    Really, I would just like to get on my bike and ride for about 4 hrs. Or take my deceased dog Bogie with me for a 2 hr hike. Those things always made me feel better.
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    Question buddies!
    For APs - I heard once it's 1 for every 80 calories instead of 100 - is this true or am I going crazy?
    I want to plan my APs accordingly today

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    Donna ((()))

    Will be waiting to hear your update. Hang in there buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chellybats View Post
    Question buddies!
    For APs - I heard once it's 1 for every 80 calories instead of 100 - is this true or am I going crazy?
    I want to plan my APs accordingly today
    not sure - I never really ate them as I figured any exercise I did was a bonus calorie burner ( as I did so little!)

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    Donna: (((HUGZ)))

    Michelle: I heard that too that it used to be 100 calories for 1 point but now it is 80 calories for 1 point. Or used perceived exertion rate.

    Soda: Sorry you DS is having trouble adjusting but I am sure with time it will be fine. I moved my DD 3 times before we decided to home school and it was very trying on her for sure.
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    Oh, Donna. Thinking of you. I wish you could do those things, too.

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