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Thread: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

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    Default SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    Poor DS - went on a school ski trip yesterday when he probably should have stayed home as he was a bit sick, and came back exhausted, flushed and with a headache. Still sick today so I am home for the day.

    Wonderful Foods is the theme of the day - Wonderful could be because of what they do for us, how they taste, or even that they are a new discovery for our tastebuds! Power foods are great but sometimes we need a little added zest to the foods so I have two condiments that I use when I need some zing.

    Mine would be;

    cherries - expensive and I hand pick each one from the grocers to get exactly the right degree of sweetness.

    Basalmic fig vinegar which I use in a little drizzle over almost anything to add some flavour zing.

    My new find is another condiment, tres expensive, ice syrup made from ice wine grapes. I use about 1/4 tsp drizzled on anything to add a sweet tangy taste. A Canadian entry

    Oatmeal! Yes, good old oatmeal -it is still one of my favourite go to foods that gives me feel that almost full feeling, without overeating ; )

    Chickpeas - these are my favourite of all the beans -makes great hummus, you can eat them cooked like a little snack food.

    What are your wonderful foods?
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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    Ice syrup? Sounds good!

    Today I'm just "hanging in there" Wednesday. It's a very busy day today so I have to focus on convenience first....

    B: whole wheat/multigrain bagel w/light cream cheese
    L: lentil dal w/brown rice
    S: small whole wheat pita w/hummus & baby carrots
    D: TBD-- perhaps core oatmeal pancakes for me & the kids
    E: hopefully 1.5 hours on the TM as I watch last night's TBL

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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    food plan

    B: cooked grains cereal with applesauce

    L: spinach blueberry smoothie, bean burger, pear, ff cheese,

    D: minstrone soup, spinach and pear salad, brown rice with curried chickpeas

    S: shredded wheat with milk

    Yesterday I used 6 WPA's ( a Weight Watcher bagel, pretzels)
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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    Anything - Something - that is not cheese - oil - or chocolate. I had so much at fondue last night I could feel my organs shutting down. Not saying it wasn't fun or delicious, but for me - I think a once in this lifetime. Need to get back to SFT and some good old bland power foods.

    B-shredded wheat and blueberries with FF milk

    L-Flatout bread sandwich with lots of veggies, ff meats and NO cheese, just a touch of olive oil mayo (3)

    Never give up or look back,


    HW: 238
    WW: 8/18/06--210

    GOAL: 130

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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    Hi everyone! I'm still rocking the plan, but it's been insanely busy. It's not going to get any less busy soon, but I miss you guys, so here I am.

    B - oatmeal (4)
    S - cheese (2), apple
    L - tuna (2), oil (1), crackers (3), carrots, lf pudding cup (2)
    S - lara bar (6)
    D - chicken (3), oil (1), pasta (3), broccoli, milk (2)

    That's 29.
    Original SW: 149
    New SW (11/8/10): 138
    CW: 132
    GW: 125

    "You were once wild here - don't let them tame you." - Isadora Duncan

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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    hey gb - glad you checked in!

    mickee - blech to the fondue effects - reminded me of how I felt during the holiday

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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    Morning -

    I have had this thread open for a while, but haven't been able to add my reply. Doing it now and moving on with my day. Last night I had a slip by foolishly thinking I could take a bag of something with me to the couch and only have "a few." I paid deearly this morning with a jump in weight. I know it is salt weight, but what I did was foolish and not in keeping with my "just one pound a week I want to eat healthy to feel healthy" plan for life. Today is a new day.

    Also, dh said something to me last night (not the cause of the poor eating, that was earlier) that deeply, deeply hurt my feelings, and I have a general sadness today that is well, not a good feeling. I did address it with him, but he stood by what he said. I know it is a thing that needs a few days of time to take the edge off.

    Wonderful foods...

    veggie burger on thin bread rounds. (This is my MAGIC feel better food)
    a good salad of chopped veggies...made by someone else
    clementines - so fun to eat
    a well made smoothie

    Food plan:
    B-had 3 eggs cooked with the jerk chickpeas/spinach/wheatberry/pineapple mix that I made yesterday
    s-applesauce and walnuts
    s -
    D- finally plan to make the bbq tofu. Millet. Broccoli or green beans

    Have a great day. Count your blessings.

    SW 144
    CW 145 - salt weight
    GW 123 by June

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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    Hey buddies!

    Another estate agent is due in 10 house has never been this clean!!

    Met two friends for a coffee at tim's this morning...very proud of myself, had milk in my coffee & didn't eat anything. Didn't want to 'spend' WPA's that early in the day!

    So far,...

    B: oatmeal
    S: banana
    D: pork chops, baked potatoes, broccoli

    Exercise: 30 mins dog walk in the snow!

    Tonight is dog training class again, the boys are coming too to pick up some hints for helping with the dog....maybe the tariner could train them too!!

    Have a great day buddies!


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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    So sorry about the hurt feelings Teg. I hope it will pass with time.

    Me - well I am in my old pattern of making poor choices to set me off on eating poorly for a long time. I got up with a good plan in mind but ended up eating banana nut muffin, made from a mix, that I made for dd. UGH!!!! I am trying to talk myself into doing better, but this is exactly why I do not stay on WW for long. one bad choice and I feel I messed up totally and just keep going on a downhill spiral.
    Never give up or look back,


    HW: 238
    WW: 8/18/06--210

    GOAL: 130

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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    Re-set your food now if you are fear overeating today

    the next bite of food you have should be something that is good for you and and gives you pleasure.

    Can you warm it up? Add a spice or condiment to give more zing? Remind yourself that we all here want to hear that you did it, and are cheering for you.

    And feel those feelings, but don't feed them. Have a cry, ann out loud talk about why you're right! ( I like to do that in the car and get a nice self rightous glow that dissolves into laughter as I imagine the other drivers looking at this crazy lady talking to herself )

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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    Alright, sorry for the rush - I wanted to stay accountable, I'll be back for personals!

    TARGET 29
    13 WAPs used - 1 APs earned

    Breakfast: 1 cup Shredded Wheat (4), 1/2 cup light soy milk (2) and blueberries 6/29
    Lunch: 1 cup couscous with peas (won't count them this time!)(4) with grilled tofu (2 pts for oil) and veggies with a sweet chili sauce (I'll count 2 to be safe) 14/29
    Dinner: Latkes (5 for the potatoes) and oil (3) spices. Pretzels (5) and veggies with dip (2)
    Snack: Smoothie (2) 31/29 1/2 bowl of cereal (4) 35/29 - 6 WAPs used.
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    Default Re: SFT 19/365 Wednesday Wonderful Foods

    My Wonderful Foods:

    1. that they're easy to seed!

    2. Confetti salad: I probably make these every day. That's how good they are!

    3. Greens: I wash/tear/and steam them...even in the easy.

    4. Beans: very much comfort food.

    5. Baked potato with sauteed onions/mushrooms...yum!

    Sorry, Teg. Feel your feelings.

    When I've gotten caught up in things, I usually have a late breakfast and an early dinner. Maybe a decaf with plain soymilk in there, too.

    I plan on exercising again, starting Monday.

    11.6 under WW goal. Which means I've basically been maintaining. I'll need the exercise to lose, I bet.


    May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.

    Check out my website!


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