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Thread: SFT 16/365 Super Sunday Suggestions

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    Default SFT 16/365 Super Sunday Suggestions

    Good Morning,

    I thought about what I like about eating bread and what I could substitute to help me stay on track. I like bread because it is;
    - a comfort food
    - can be toasted and eaten warm
    - can be made into sandwiches and eaten 'on the go'
    - feels filling

    I do not want to substitute a SFT baked item as I know I will go overboard on it.

    I used to eat a lot of cooked cereal, even cold ( in fact cold it was firm and substantial). I would add fruit or cottage cheese or ff yogurt and it was a fall back food that served me well.

    So I just put on a huge pot of oatmeal, cream of wheat quinoa flakes and wheat bran, all mixed together and will give that a try over the next few days with the aim to just not eat bread at all, lite or not.
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    Default Re: SFT 16/365 Super Sunday Suggestions

    Food today was:

    B: spinach blueberry smoothie and cooked ceral with maple syrup (1)

    L: sweet potato soup, egg and vegetables on an english muffin ( ate out), cafe au lait ff milk, (4)

    D: salad, tortilla with cheese, tomato sauce and vegan "meat" ( 4), cooked cereal
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    Default Re: SFT 16/365 Super Sunday Suggestions

    breakfast was cereal with soy milk
    mid morning snack of fresh veggie spring rolls

    off to investigate lunch options.

    if i don't get around to making dinner, i will defrost the brown rice and chicken casserole i put in the freezer earlier this week.....

    soda- i'm with you. i do have comfort issues with bread, but it's also functionality. it's hard to have a sandwich that holds things without the bread to hold it!! all other options aren't as portable and require cutlery!!!

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    Default Re: SFT 16/365 Super Sunday Suggestions

    Soda, I am with you on the bread and I was surprised when WW included them as Power Foods. I have not chosen to buy them yet for my shorter list of Power Foods.
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    yes - I was going to say Soda the light breads are on the power food list, so no longer a taboo, unless you just personally do not want to eat bread. I have a slice a time or two a week, use flatout bread for sandwiches and half an english muffin with breakfast on occasion. I am a breadaholic, or used to be, now learning to not eat as much as I did.

    Oh, we saw Camelot on stage last night and It was breathtaking, wish everyone could see it at least once. I was just spellbound for the entire nearly 4 hours. Then out to eat at Razzoo's and had what I planned, popcorn shrimp and fries. That is my once a month splurge. Now back to reality and the reality is I have 12 points left for today as this is the last day of my week, so better make this as close to a perfect SFT day as I can with very little splurges and get in some APs too.

    B-cream of wheat and a banana, FF milk

    S-strawberry greek yogurt with full fat (4)

    L-meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans (last of the left overs from the grass fed beef)

    D-Fiesta Chicken and asparagus.
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    Default Re: SFT 16/365 Super Sunday Suggestions

    I agree with everyone on the bread, I'd rather count it - it's a HUGE trigger for me.
    This week, I made my menus and I'm thinking of prepping most of my items during my Sundays to get me started this week.
    I'm going to be making mostly Mexican this week.

    8 WAPS used - 0 APs earned

    Breakfast: Smoothie with soy milk, fruit and VEGA 1 WAP used.
    Tofu with Rice Patties - sweet chili sauce and veggies 4 WAPs for the sauce and oils.
    Dinner: Shredded Wheat and almond milk
    Cleaning the apartment - 2 APs
    Pretzels and mustard - 5 WAPs.
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