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Thread: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    My food list for today, so far.

    banana x 2
    apple x 2
    pear x 1
    cabbage, raw x 2 cups
    chili, homemade and all power foods
    cheese, ff x 2 slices
    bread, calorie reduced x 4 slices
    soy milk
    baked potato
    chicken, skin removed
    ff milk
    shredded wheat

    7 .p.m. kitchen closed and that's all folks!

    My WPA's are gone. I ate more bread last night after a frustrating school meeting. It's power foods only, baby
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    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    Here is my list I will hope to get through.

    chicken breast
    FF milk

    B-2% cottage cheese (4) with blueberries

    S-yogurt with banana

    L-Bourbon chicken(1) with barley and asparagus


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    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    core oatmeal pancake (check)
    quinoa&veggie salad (if Claire didn't finish it all)
    coleslaw (cabbage & carrots)
    homegrown sprouts (lentil mix)
    raw baby spinach
    brown rice, chicken & veggie (corn, peas, celery, onion, carrot) casserole
    *need to get some fruit in there. The dentist refilled my cavity yesterday so I can't eat raw fruits and veggies if they're too hard. I don't think I have any soft fruit in the house right now but I plan on having raw veggies at lunch so I'll cut an apple into small pieces and put it in the coleslaw!

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    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    Morning buddies!

    Life is getting hectic here again, DH has been offered a new Kansas!! So, I am getting the house sorted for selling, the first estate agent comes today. Big Spring clean up!!

    This relocation could be a fantastic excuse not to stick to the WW plan - but I refuse to let it be. It's going to be a stressful few months sorting visas (we are Brits living in Canada), selling our hosue, moving the kids to a totally different education system (here they are educated in 100% French - it's the law in Quebec) etc - but me being healthy is not going to suffer. My nails might, but my waistline won't! We haven't told the kids yet, they are 9 & 11, we want to do it on a weekend so they have time to process it & ask questions. DH is away this weekend for work, so I'm guessing it will be the weekend after.

    So, my plan for today!
    B: Oatmeal made with skim milk, tea, a pear
    D: shepherds pie made with chicken (reminds me - must get it out of the freezer!)

    Exercise; 30 mins dog walk so far, will get anotehr 30 mins later, plus some serious housework!!

    Have a great day buddies! Make it count!


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    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    Hey buddies - I'm still alive and eating well, we'll see what Saturdays shows on the scale.

    I just found out yesterday I might have my department cut in 4-6 months. So I'm really upset/stressed at this moment.
    I'll have my head on my shoulders when this week is over.

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    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    What a week I've had. Stayed with my food plan, though. No stress eating.

    Started having leg pain on the 4th. No big deal, but was just a bit worse every day. Was hard to walk up stairs on the 8th. Sent email to Dr on the 9th. By Sunday evening the pain was severe and I was considering the ER. No injury, no redness, no streaks, no heat, no edema. Up in the middle of the night and checked email for a message from the Dr. He asked whether I wanted an appointment. I was able to book online for the first available appt at 1:50pm. I was using a cane. Could not walk/sit/stand/get up from the toilet/lay down. Miserable. Dr sent me for xrays. Hurt so bad that I literally cried. Left with pain meds and prednisone. Also, 2 wks off work. Feeling a bit better today. Can actually sit in a chair at the computer. Still no diagnosis.

    Tuesday I had the breast biopsy. The worst pain was getting on and off the table with my sore leg. I am waiting for the Dr to call today. They sent me out of the office with a brochure titled "Breast Cancer and You". No need for me to get worried until I hear back from the Dr.

    Carol, so sorry to hear about your loss. I am still grieving for my mother who passed on Sept 17. Take gentle care of yourself.

    My food for today-
    B. Oat groats, almond milk, 2 dates, honeydew melon.
    L. Veg soup, orange
    S. 1 oz walnuts, cherry tomatoes
    D. greens/mushroom/onion saute, Dr McD Mexican casserole.
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    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    Hi ladies -

    Love the idea of a power food list. Need to make mine.

    Soda - How old is your son? Too bad about the frustrating meeting. Good for you for staying powerful for the rest of your week.
    Michelle - Your food list looks good! Too bad about the department cut. Must be stressful for sure. Hope it works out for the best.
    Kimberly - The home made sprouts sound interesting. How do you do that? (I am afraid of sprouts since I know they can easily be toxic, right?)
    Becky - Wow, you must be strong to have just moved and now face another move. Good for you for not letting that get on the way of your WW journey.
    Donna - Scary about your leg. Have you had this happen before? Hope you get the results from your biopsy soon. And some answers about your leg.
    Carol - Thinking of you.

    Had a fun day today since it was dd's teacher's last day before she has a baby in February. So, at 7:30 I decided we really should have planned a baby shower, so I decided to do it myself. Ran out with the two littles and quick shopped, wrapped, and got to school at 12 for a recess signing of a book and card. Also brought each child one blue carnation to present to her with a kind word. Some gluten and dye free treats, and VOILA, a baby shower.

    I do tend to do my best last minute, which is good since it works out for me, but not really a good way to be.

    Before Christmas I knew I would take the lead for the shower, but didn't want to do anything at that time. After Christmas, I knew I should get going with it, but just "didn't feel like it" since I had Christmas stuff all over and enough of my own cluttered house to clean. Since I like to be busy, I do take on jobs like planning a baby shower even if my house suffers. So I made myself NOT do it. Was just going to go buy a gift yesterday for dd to bring - but there was a snow day so that did not happen. Needless to say, this morning I knew this had to happen for the teacher. It is her first child. This is her class. She is wonderful. Anyhow, that was my day.

    B- coffee, coconut milk, quick smoothie while racing out door of protein powder (2) and coconut milk and water
    s - none today. On the run and not even hungry. However, quite hungry when got home - once racing around was done
    L - 2 eggs, 1 cup wheat berries (too much), 2 stalk celery diced, 1/2 c salsa - all together - yum
    .........also made a power drink of 4 c mesculun greens, 1 c froz mixed fruit, water, and flaz oil
    s - popcorn, pumpkin seeds (1-2pt)
    D - sweet potato soup and lentil snobby joes (no bread) over salad greens, walnuts (2?)

    I think my food plan today just has to be to have veggies with dinner, and not to have seconds of the soup or the lentils unless Ihave even more veggies first.

    SW 134 - CW 133!! - GW 123 by June
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    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    Becky- Wow, Kansas! That's a big move. I hope the company will help you relocate and I hope the boys are okay with things. They're young enough that they should adapt quickly.

    Bridget- We have an automatic sprouter (Jeff got it last year for Christmas). We have organic seeds (different types) and put it in the machine with reverse osmosis water and a solution. We've got enough seeds to last for years but, unfortunately, some of them just don't do it for me so it depends on which batch comes out of the sprouter as to whether or not I'll eat them. Strangely, I *love* chickpeas but I *hate* chickpea sprouts!!!!

    Donna- That's a lot to deal with! I had a breast biopsy when I was 20. I've got a family history of fibroids and breast cancer. My aunt gets tumors in her back all the time. I get them in my breast. *sigh* I've had a couple more but we haven't had them removed, just watch them.

    Michelle- Ouch, they're going to close everything down or just cut back a percentage of the staff?

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    tegteg - nice planning for the teacher. My son is 11, a brand new teacher, the second one his class has had, and I am getting too old to wait while they learn how to teach when he has so many learning needs.

    Donna - leg pain so bad you cried? so sorry to hear that - miserable and exhausting to be in pain. Fingers crossed for your biopsy results.

    becky - Your kids will be global! British, French, Canadian, American - we moved a lot as kids too and it opened our eyes in good ways to differences in people and places.

    chellybats - does that mean you are possibly out of work or that you have to add even more work to your load? Either way, I am sorry that 2011 is starting off cra*py for you job wise.

    Kimberly - what university is in your city?

    I did it! Made it through the day on all power foods

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    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    soda- UWO-- The University of Western Ontario
    I did my undergrad there. Did my Master's in Ottawa. My PhD at Queen's in Kingston.

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default Re: SFT 13/365 - how many power foods did you eat today?

    DD is applying to Western - Arts/English.

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