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Thread: Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

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    Default Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

    Alright, here's a question.

    Seitan is basically just Vital Wheat Gluten Flour - when I use Wheat Gluten Flour, I make 'seitan' but with beans instead of nutritional yeast.

    If Seitan is a power food, couldn't I just say that Vital Wheat Gluten Flour is a power food as well? I create my protein sources with this stuff.

    Also, what are your thoughts on VEGA? I use it in my smoothies to get my vitamins and minerals it's 100 calories for 2 scoops, but I just use one. Should I look into counting these if I go with Simply Filling or no?

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    Default Re: Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

    Hi Michelle,
    I would count the vega, it used to be 1 pt per scoop but I have not calculated it with points plus yet. I used to use it a lot but they put too much stevia in it for my taste. I would rather have it unsweetened.

    Can you give an example of of what you make using vital wheat gluten flour?

    btw I think they took TVP off the Power foods list - I am not sure the reasoning for that as it was a low fat protein source for vegetarians.

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    Default Re: Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

    Is seitan still a power food? I thought they removed that from the list with the new program. Or was that TVP?

    I love the Vega stuff as well but agree with Soda that I'd like an unsweetened flavour as I don't like stevia.

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    Default Re: Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

    Soda - I don't use a sweetened version, from what I see it's just unflavored, protein powder from pea, flax and some greens. No stevia in this one, and no flavor at all! I might still count a pt either way.

    As for the wheat gluten - this might sound gross but I mix lentils and beans into it with spices and green onions.
    I make them into little cutlets and bake them! So it makes a really meaty nugget.

    I do put Nutritional Yeast as well - that's not a power food is it?

    Kim - I saw Seitan as a power food, they took out TVP
    That stuff was amazing in soups.

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    Default Re: Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

    I may upset the die hard rule followers, but for a vegetarian, vital wheat gluten is a protein source and I would use it as a power food ( not count it).
    If that's a grey zone answer for some people just ignore this post

    Read more:

    "When kneaded together with water, broth, and spices, vital wheat gluten forms the basis of seitan. A three-ounce serving of seitan contains 130 calories, 1.5 g of fat, 20 g of protein, and 6 g of carbohydrates. It is lower in fat, calories and saturated fat than meat products, and offers a tasty substitute with a similar texture, according to

    Make sure you are purchasing wheat gluten, rather than high-gluten flour."

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    Default Re: Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

    Soda - I'm so glad you thought so too!
    Vital Wheat Gluten is pretty much 90% of what makes seitan - the only thing is that there is so ready-made seitan where I live and you need to boil it for an hour...
    Yes, an hour, and then let it cool, drain it - and then cook it. Awful no?
    Why not just toss beans and spices and bake it into nuggets!

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    Default Re: Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

    So where do I buy vital wheat gluten?
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    Default Re: Seitan vs. Wheat Gluten as a Power Food

    I usually purchase it in bulk at a local whole foods type store.
    It can be sold under 'vital wheat gluten' 'wheat gluten flour' or 'gluten flour' it's REALLY high in protein - as what it is, it's basically whole wheat flour, but only the protein of the flour.

    If you do a search on youtube, you can see someone making wheat gluten from flour! They just need to rinse, and rinse... for about a good hour - I tried this once, and told myself I'd never do it again ha ha. It's just much too time consuming and wastes a lot of water.

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