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    Having the hardest time sticking with the ww points. So hungry by 4PM. Always up early, eat three points for Bf, then after 4 wham start going crazy. Anyone have any suggestions!

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    That's not enough points for breakfast, I would say. The one booklet separates out how many points you might want to eat for each meal in relation to your total point target.

    Make sure you are eating enough "food" and not just doing a lot of drinking, i.e. eat fruit instead of drinking juice.

    Fruit and most veggies are free so you can have fruit and/or veggies if your hungry and eaten all your points for the day.

    Keep your protein level up too. Protein and fiber keeps you full longer.

    Make sure you journal your points.

    Sometimes, when we think we are hungry, we are really thirsty. Make sure you are drinking water too.

    Have some high fiber cereal for breakfast with fruit.

    People have a tendency to think if they eat less than their points total, they will lose more weight. Not really true. If your starving, you will just eat more and probably high calorie snacks, etc.

    WW. is a lifestyle change and we didn't gain our weight in a week and we won't lose it all in a week either. It takes a lot of dedication/motivation/planning/journalling and plain old hard work. WE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL .

    Good luck.

    Be the change that you want to be.

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    I agree with Ashlee. It's really important to balance the points out so that you're never truly hungry-- can add in extra fruit and veg and water too!

    My mom was saying how Dr. Oz says to eat the fattier of your foods in the morning, carb heavy foods at lunch and dinner of protein/veg. I do find that if I have something with a combination of fat/protein (like eggs) in the morning, it does help sustain me longer. A lunch with a high fiber carb (beans, brown rice, etc) will keep me full. A late afternoon snack of some fruit or veggies with a dip (hummus, etc) will tide me over. I also try to eat an earlier dinner so I'm not going to bed still digesting dinner!!

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    I'd definitely recommend increasing the amount of foods/points you are consuming at breakfast. I notice that when I eat lighter in the morning, I tend to use more points throughout the day trying to make up for not eating enough in the morning, which eventually makes me eat more points than if I just had a substantial breakfast to start with.

    When WW switched over to PointsPlus I needed some help trying to figure out how to divide up my meals and snacks, so like Ashlee said I looked through the intro book to get an idea of how I could divide up my points during the day. I tend to eat between 6-8 points at breakfast on an average day, which helps keep me full throughout the morning. I'd also recommend supplementing with "free" fruits as something to enjoy between meals or as snacks... it has helped me a lot.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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    Ditto on the eating more points at breakfast. Get in a protein and a veggie or fruit and maybe a milk.

    It really helps to plan out your menu the night before so you can see where your point are being spent. If you are tracking (and you ARE tracking-right?) you can make notes throughout the day about your hunger levels. That may help you see what foods seem to help you stay satisfied longer.

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