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Thread: On new PointsPlus can you still do Core?

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    Default On new PointsPlus can you still do Core?

    After being away from WW for over 3 years I am wondering if I can still fit the Core plan in to their new program and is it supported?
    Last time (yes, hate to say this but I've done this more than a few times) I attended WW over 3 years ago I started on their points plan but didn't lose much the first 3 weeks. At that time they were offering the Core plan so I switched up. As soon as I switched I began losing faster and more regularly and loved the Core plan. I also got to goal for the first time ever. Sadly, I have gained back, yet again.
    Is there anyone out there using the new Points Plus plan in a Core way? And is it easy to incorporate? I'm guessing yes, thus this group... I would love some guidance before I hit my first WW meeting tomorrow after so long.
    Thank you for any encouragement.

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    Default Re: On new PointsPlus can you still do Core?

    Absolutely! It is called Simply Filling Technique now, and when you go the meeting ask for the handout for that. There is a bit of information on the SFT in the guidebook they give you at the first meeting. Not much different than Core - added a few foods, like lite bread, and took away a few, like sugar free pudding but generally it is the same.

    This forum has people posting who are using SFT, some vegetarians, a few using points but who feel comfortable here and everyone is welcome

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    Default Re: On new PointsPlus can you still do Core?

    I'm personally doing points plus, I used to post in T20s. but I feel right at home here, so I've been sticking around
    Although my diet is based on whole foods, I like to keep track via points right now.

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    Default Re: On new PointsPlus can you still do Core?

    I used Core and then with momentum moved to SFT and now with Points Plus still am with SFT. This is the last day of my first week back and I have lost a considerable amount this week. Yes, I am a daily weigher, so I know about what I will have lost for the week, hopefully when tomorrow w/i comes. It is not hard to learn if you have done Core in the past, few things have changed, some, but really very few. Just watch out if you purchase the complete food guide or dining out companion or pocket guide. There are tons of errors. I have spent several nights making corrections. E-tools I hope has everything correct.
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