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Thread: SFT 12/365-- What are you doing Wednesday?

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    Default SFT 12/365-- What are you doing Wednesday?

    B: core oatmeal pancake w/maple syrup
    L: quinoa & veggie salad; coleslaw
    D: brown rice casserole or baked potato-- TBD
    E: 2 mile walk

    I'm feeling better each day. I don't want to lie and say that I'm "there" yet as I'm still finding I'm slightly over points with SFT/WPAs but I'm making progress. That's my motto-- progress, not perfection. I'm not wanting to put in the work to weigh/measure/journal everything to count points so I need to keep limiting the non-Core items and choose Core items instead.

    On my "to do" today is to steer clear of nuts. DH and the kids have been having a handful after school or mixed with raisins for dessert after dinner. I've been having a few here and there so while it's not really a big deal, I don't have the extra WPAs to mess around with something like that. I want to save them to cover maple syrup on my pancakes, cheese sprinkled on top of a brown rice & veggie casserole, etc. Nuts eat up a *huge* amount of WPAs so I just need to walk away!!

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    Default Re: SFT 12/365-- What are you doing Wednesday?

    Kimberley: I am with you on the nuts issue. You can eat a lot of those in no time and they add up big time. I do like a few in my oatmeal sometimes but sitting eating them by the handfuls is not good for me either.

    I bought some shredded wheat that I hope is a power food. I could not find the brand listed so got Post shredded wheat with wheat and fiber. It has 8g fiber and nearly nothing else. So gonna count as a power food regardless.

    B-Shredded wheat, fresh blueberries, ff milk.

    L-Flatout bread (2), turkey breast, light swiss (1), lettuce, onions, banana peppers, and a touch of olive oil mayo (1) with an apple.

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    Default Re: SFT 12/365-- What are you doing Wednesday?

    Kimberly - Good plan. I also can't do the tracking/counting right now, so what I do is have less t han 5 pts a day. Sounds like you have aplan for success today.

    I am a bit discouraged about not losing weight. (Yes, I jumped up 2 and down 2 from Sunday to Tuesday) but I have been doing a good/great job since last Monday and the scale is not moving. I know I am eating healthy whole foods, and I am doing well with the no meat/more beans, but I would like a LITTLE bit of positive feedback from the scale. While I am "jealous" of those who lose several pounds the first week, I am not even looking for that. ONE measly pound a week. I do not think this is too much to ask, and I do not know what to do differently.

    B - coffee, clementine
    B - 3 grain hot cereal, 2 lovely eggs, green smoothie (mixed dark lettuce, blueberries, splash of coconut milk, water)
    s - don't plan on one since ate so late - but had a roll (?1-2?) with snobby joes - cold - so good
    L- 2 oatmeal muffins, applesauce, slice cheddar cheese (2), small handful of walnuts (3?)
    s - smoothie of protein powder (2) and water and ice
    D - plan some combo of sweet potato soup, greens, snobby joes

    Yes, a high point day, but don't think I had too many this week so far. Try to avoid them or have as few as possible in a day.

    Tonight's dinner is "Raid the Refridgerator" should be fun since there are a lot of healthy choices in there.

    CW holding steady at 144, not happy
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    Default Re: SFT 12/365-- What are you doing Wednesday?

    Mickee- I think the discussions here said that anything with more than 4gr of fiber per serving and no added sugar is Core. You're safe!

    Bridget-- How is your sleep? What time do you stop eating at night? Are you eating most of your food for breakfast and lunch (at least 70%)? How about sodium intake? Are you getting enough liquid? Do you have a weight loss cycle? I generally just lose once a month and either maintain or even gain the other weeks in the month, all depending on my cycle. Sometimes you can do everything "right" and it takes a couple of weeks to show up. It would be nice if our bodies lost weight linearly but it's usually jagged lines up, down and straight across. Keep track on a chart for a few months and see if there's a pattern. Most of all, think POSITIVE thoughts. If you're unhappy, that affects your weight loss, your determination, your motivation and your resolve. As long as you work the program honestly, the weight *will* come off!!

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    Default Re: SFT 12/365-- What are you doing Wednesday?

    Thanks, Kimberly!
    Sleep is pretty good. I would say 6 (7?) hours which is all there is room for in my life. A few more on weekends.
    I try to be done eating by 7 now that I am back on track.
    Hmmm, most at bfast and lunch. I would say more of a balance with dinner. I will give that a try.
    Sodium - probabky more than it should be, BUT have cut out processed foods, so maybe not. I do like my salt, though. Will try with that.
    Liquid..well, I am not a water drinker, but I have been having herbal tea, a glass of water with psyllium at wake and at bed, and try to grab a water bottle when I run out in the car. Can always do better.
    Not sure of a weight loss pattern since that last time I lost considerable weight was several years ago and that was .5-1.5 a week. Not even sure what the weight loss pattern was with this baby (who will be 3 in March) since it was really never enough and never regular.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I did try today to focus on that I a feel good and my blood sugar seems stabilized - a bigthing for me. (I was wondering if I was depressed or had some sort of ADD in the past few months. But that seems to have disappeared not that I am controling the blood sugar)

    Well, it is the 4 o'clock slump for me. I could use a nap, but just had a smoothie with some protein powder instead and will play Wii with ds.

    Have a great day.

    Ohhh, I amde some sweet potato sweet pepper soup for later...looking forward to that.

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    Default Re: SFT 12/365-- What are you doing Wednesday?

    Hi everyone - had to get to an 8:15 Dr appt this morning so was out the door before I was properly awake!

    B: was cottage cheese on lite toast and tea

    L: edamame apple burger on lite bread, apple, ff yogurt, raw cabbage with carrots and some ff cheese cubes

    D: - cereal with soy milk x 2 , pb sandwich (6)

    S: homemade bread (6)

    12 WPA's today +18 from Monday and Tuesday + 10 for pizza last night that I "neglected " to add in = 9 left.

    So.... 4 more days and nto too many WPA's left -

    Teg - I think we are all working our way back to full throttle WW - glad you are posting, all the discussion helps.

    Re the Wii - do you do any of the exercise programs with it?

    Mickee, plain shredded wheat is a power food

    Kimberly, I avoided nuts while losing before and need to go back to that for the short term too. Like Donna has in her signature line - there is a reason they come in shells!
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    Default Re: SFT 12/365-- What are you doing Wednesday?

    Donna- biopsy went ok?

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