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Thread: Soy Parmesan info?

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    Question Soy Parmesan info?

    I've seen reference here in the past for soy Parmesan cheese that was Core. I just found Galaxy Nutritional Foods' Veggie Grated Topping Parmesan Flavor whose top two ingredients are casein (a dried skim milk protein) and soy base. Is this considered soy Parmesan? Was it Core, and is it a Power Food? I can't even find soy Parmesan listed as a category, let alone find Galaxy Foods' version in my WW books. I did use the new calculator and figured that I could use 3 tsp. and still be at 0 points.
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    On the Power foods list it says Soy cheese hard or semi soft, fat free, is a power food. I have never seen fat free soy cheese so don't even know if this exists.

    3 tsp = 1 tbsp and is 0 points so that is pretty good, and adds a bit of flavour?

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    Thanks, Soda. I'll be trying it. I don't usually eat more than 1 T of Parmesan anyway, so this will probably be fine.
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