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Thread: Thursday's SFT Menu's.......December 30/10

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    Red face Thursday's SFT Menu's.......December 30/10

    Morning all.......

    Sorry I didn't get a chance to check in and update my menu or do a post.

    I will take the liberty of starting us off for another "clean eating" day.

    Breakfast: 2 cream of wheat pancakes
    3 Glasses of water
    1 Bosc Pear
    FFSF Maple Syrup (1 Pt)
    1 cup coffee with light cream (1 pt.)

    Lunch: Baby carrots and raw parsnips sticks
    CORE caramelized Onion Dip
    1 apple.

    Snack: 1 apple
    3 Glasses of water through the day

    Dinner: TBD

    Snack: FFSF Hot cocoa made with skim milk

    Gotta run.......but just checking in to say I'm thinking of you all, and remember to have a "Clean Eating" day !!!


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    Default Re: Thursday's SFT Menu's.......December 30/10

    Thanks for starting us off -

    Woke too early and have three boys here today - 2 unopened lego sets, Wii, walkie talkies and trying to make a Star Wars video all in 6 hours! Oh, and take all three to drop off DD at work - I might cheat and take them all out to lunch and give myself a break

    so far
    B: rolled oats with pumpkin, coffee, water

    S: banana

    L: spinach, quinoa, black beans, taco sace, club soda

    S: darn it (softer version of what I would really say ) went off track with DS and his friends and their food - did not keep track of what I was eating but over, way over, the 5 WPA's I had left.

    D: will stick to fruit and vegetables in a smoothie -
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    Default Re: Thursday's SFT Menu's.......December 30/10

    Hey buddies!

    My scale is broken, I wanted to know where I was situated weight-wise, but I guess I need to go purchase a new one, urgh.

    I will restart tracking my weeklies/APs on Saturday and do my WI then.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie with berries and soy milk with a scoop of Vega 4/29
    Lunch: Sandwhich (7) tofurky (3) pumpkin seeds (2) and guiltless gourmet chips (2) 17/29
    Dinner/Snack: Smoothie (5) raisins (2) a couple handful of pretzels (3) 27/29
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    Default Re: Thursday's SFT Menu's.......December 30/10

    Well, disappointed my blood sugar was up this morning, but will still work with the program and get it under control.

    Cinnamon apple steel cut oats, peppermint tea.

    Pillsbury Simply buttermilk Biscuit (3) with Oscar Mayer black forest ham (1)

    chicken, cabbage and couscous.


    stuffed cabbage casserole

    celery and light laughing cow cheese (1)
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    Default Re: Thursday's SFT Menu's.......December 30/10

    Insanely busy day. Will post my update on the 30's and Delta Force if anyone wants to read!


    Brunch: brussels sprouts; potato & veggie salad; clementine oranges
    Snack: ~1oz peanuts; 2 small shortbread cookies; mini turkey pepperette
    Dinner: grapefruit
    Evening Snack: movie popcorn (going to see The King's Speech tonight!)

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