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Thread: NSV - Ignoring The Scale

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    O.K., so, I've been doing the PointsPlus thing for three weeks now.

    After the first week, I was down 0.6 pounds. Didn't think much of it - since my weight does flux a bit, good and bad, since reaching lifetime back in January '07.

    After the second week, I was up 0.4 pounds. But, again, I didn't worry all that much. Less than a half pound could have been anything - cranky scale, water retention, whatever.

    But, tonight, after three weeks, I was up 0.4 pounds again. So, in three weeks of PointsPlus, I'm now up, net, 0.2 pounds. My first reaction? "Awwww. Crap! What's going on? A gain two weeks in a row? I thought PointsPlus was supposed to be better?"

    However, then, I quickly reminded myself of how loose my pants felt when I got dressed today. They were not snug. In fact, I had more than enough room in them - perhaps bordering on them being a size too big.

    And, then I thought about the fact that I joined a gym 10 weeks ago. And, that, over the last six weeks, I've been hitting the weights, hard, and consistently - to the point where my wife even commented on the difference in my arms and chest.

    Yup. I had one of those "F-the-scale-epiphany" moments.

    How you feel. How your clothes fit. That's more important than the number on the scale.

    So, I'm rolling with it. And, that's my NSV at this moment. And, we'll see what happens next week, next week.

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    Wow, good for you!! I think you will find that the new program will help you lose pounds but in the meantime, clearly it is changing your body in a positive way! Hang in there and keep looking at the NSV's.

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    Thanks Alissa. This should be an interesting week. P+, holiday food, and a ton of AP's via digging out from the blizzard (here). Meeting is tomorrow, that's if we can get out and the center is open.

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    OK, so, now, it's another week of a gain. And, it can't all be muscle. So, I emailed my leader and this is what she told me:

    Your problem is not unique, from what understand. I'll call you to explain, but it usually only happens to current members or LT members at goal who have already been eating healthy.

    So much for P+ being new and improved, in my book, right now.

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