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Thread: Would someone please explain breastfeeding points?

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    Default Would someone please explain breastfeeding points?

    I signed up for WW Online & although I don't have the approval of my obstetrician to restart WW yet (5 weeks post delivery), I'm expecting the ok next week & have at least started journaling & trying to familiarize myself with the plan. I am breastfeeding but supplementing because of low milk supply. In fact, if I had to guess, I'd say my baby is getting probably 90-95% of his food from formula. But I figure a little breastmilk is better than none.

    Anyway, I have a huge number of points. I know some of this is due to the breastfeeding points & I don't want to dent my milk supply any further by not eating them all, but short of eating junk or a lot of fat, I seriously don't see how I'm going to eat all these points.

    Do I need to eat all my daily points? I thought I saw a post somewhere where you don't have to if you're not hungry. And can someone explain how the breastfeeding points work please?
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    Default Re: Would someone please explain breastfeeding points?

    somewhere in the e-tools when you are calculating your daily points, it asks if you are breastfeeding and then it asks how often. Probably you would choose the option that shows the most of amount supplementing.

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    Default Re: Would someone please explain breastfeeding points?

    Below is what WWers says (in the staff materials) about using all of your points. I'm not sure I understand your question about nursing points though. Nursing moms are given additional points (I think it's 14 per day) for nursing. Nursing moms are also required to have one additional milk serving each day.

    Do I have to eat/use all of my daily PointsPlus™ Target?

    To stay satisfied and to make the Program livable on a daily basis, as well as meet nutrient needs, we recommend using all of your daily PointsPlus™ Target. The principle of “flexible restraint,” as recommended by Weight Watchers, is built in. It leaves sufficient leeway for you to be able to treat yourself now and again while still sticking to the program. But you don’t need to “overeat” just to use all of your Target. If you are already satisfied but have some PointsPlus™ values left for the day, it’s Ok not to use them. The fear that the body’s metabolism will come to a halt if you don’t consume the total daily PointsPlus™ Target is a myth.


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    Default Re: Would someone please explain breastfeeding points?

    Hi Jen!

    I struggled with low supply too, so I am sorry to hear you are having that struggle.

    There used to be a distinction between mothers that were nursing exclusively and mothers that were nursing and also feeding formula or solids. However, with the launch of PointsPlus I am not sure if that distinction remained or not. Since you are not exclusively nursing you might have to play with the extra nursing points to find the sweet spot in terms of the daily target you need to eat to lose weight without messing with your milk supply. If you would like to PM me your age, height and weight I would be happy to calculate what your points would be without the extra nursing points so that you have a starting point to work from. (NOTE: This is not an offer to calculate anyone else's daily target.)

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    Default Re: Would someone please explain breastfeeding points?

    Okay Jen, I found where to change your breastfeeding settings in eTools.

    After logging in, go to your PointsPlus tracker. When the tracker window opens, click on settings in the upper right hand corner.

    From there, click on Edit next to the question Are you a nursing mom? Select the option that says Yes, I'm breastfeeding but supplementing with solid foods and/or formula. Make sure to hit save after making the change, and you should be set!

    I would start by eating your entire target since the target does take the fact that you are supplementing into consideration. If you find that you are not losing or that you are losing too quickly you can adjust accordingly from there. The same setting screen has an option to manually adjust your daily target so you can do that if you find that the predetermined target isn't working for you.

    Good luck!

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