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Thread: What, No Equal Rights For Birds?

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    Default What, No Equal Rights For Birds?

    Why is it that 4 oz of regular ground cooked Turkey is 6 PointsPlus whereas 4 oz of grilled chicken breast fillet is 3 PointsPlus?

    Is it because there may be some dark meat in the ground Turkey?

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    It could only be relative fat content.

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    I'd agree with Mike. generically, Turkey breast can be anywhere from 85 - 99% FF. So the tracker probably takes an average for the PP. If you know that you buy the leaner ground turkey, then you could run the PP on that specifically ... but the protein grams differ as well, so that could impact the calculations. I looked up 85% FF 4 ounces of Ground turkey on Calorie King and it had 9.4 oz fat and 19.7 protein A 4 oz chicken breast had 1.4 fat and 26.1 protein

    It's not as "simple" as Calories, Fat and Fiber any more.
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    Mike, Barb - thanks!

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    I use the Jennie-O kind. The extra lean would have 3 points and the 93/7 kind has 4 points. I don't have the packages with me but I checked them at the grocery store this weekend and I think I found them in the online tracker at the same points values.

    The regular ground has skin in it I know. It grosses me out because I can see it. The extra lean is bland so I add my olive oil and worchestshire sauce to make it yummy.

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    Yikes, I eat chicken and turkey and one in a while, a little bacon so I had to check this out. I too, eat Jennie O lean ground turkey, the 93/7. If I can't get that, I do buy the 100% white meat ground. It's definately a drier burger, but it's fine in chili, taco meat, etc. For a turkey burger, it has to be the 93/7 with a packet of Lipton onion soup mix. Love it! Just had them on the grill last week. Yum!

    The Jennie O Turkey Store (the plant) is just 2 miles from our house, so I have been eating their products for 25 years now.

    Just looked at the label.
    4-oz (uncooked)
    Calories: 170
    Fat: 8
    Carbs: 0
    Protein: 21
    Comes out to 4 points on the calculator...whew.
    HW: 195.6/SW: 195.6
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    How's the cholesterol level with Jennie O compared to Purdue or Shady Brook Farms? I seem to recall checking it once and I want to say that Shady Brook had the lowest.

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