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Thread: Before/After Photos

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    Cool Before/After Photos

    I'm new to this site. Is there a link for before and after photos? Interested in seeing the new you's!

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    I don't know of a group specifically for before and afters. However, several have posted pictures in a thread or as part of their signature. You would have to search for them. Perhaps those people will see this and post them for you.

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    There's a BCB "Show Off" forum where people post their pictures. You might have to change the "view" option for that forum and adjust it to either all posts or posts from the past year so you can get enough examples as it's not a forum where people post things regularly!

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    Thanks So much!!!

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    I am also new here. . . today is my first day :> I am very exited to meet everyone and make some boot camp buddies.

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    Wink Re: Before/After Photos

    Hi seekingminime. How long have u been on WW? I'm rejoining Sunday, 8.1.10. I want this to be my last time rejoining!

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