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Thread: MO: TGIFriday! 06/11/10

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    Default MO: TGIFriday! 06/11/10

    Good Morning Men TGIF!! Will be glad to get outta here today!

    B-Strawberry Protein Shake; Low-Sod. V-8
    L-Sand thin w/ham & Laughing Cow Swiss; Apple; Lt. yogurt
    S-Endulge Bar
    D-Salad & Lasagne
    S-Strawberries/Blueberries (These won't last as long as the original options )

    Treadmill tonight; walk outside w/girls & pups and some push-ups & sit-ups!!

    Hope everyone has a good day today!

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    Default Re: MO: TGIFriday! 06/11/10

    Hey Bob and those to come. :-)

    B: (4) waffles and milk
    S: (3) protein shake, fruit cup
    L: (7) frozen meal, fiber bar, yogurt
    S: (3) rice cakes, ww cake
    D: (18) red robin
    S: (2) mini twix ice cream bar


    Goodbye 320's, 310's, 300's, 290's, 280's, 270's, 260's, 250's, 240's, 230's, 220's and 210's!

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

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    It's the weekend..too bad I have to work on Saturday..

    B: EggHam Muffin & Creamy Coffee
    L: Beefy Mac and Cheese
    D: Broiled Whiting with Broccoli Rice Casserole

    Ending the day with a nice little scoot ride through Dallas....

    SW 277 01/03/2005
    10% Reached on: 11/15/2007
    GW 199

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