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Thread: BCB Posting - How long can you edit?

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    Default BCB Posting - How long can you edit?

    How long can you edit a thread after you've posted?

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    Default Re: BCB Posting - How long can you edit?

    There is no limit that I know of for edits on your own postings. The Mods can edit any part of the thread at any time. For example, if you need to change the title I can help with that.

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    Default Re: BCB Posting - How long can you edit?

    Lee - So glad you asked this question.

    I must be doing something wrong. I tried to go back and edit a post yesterday that I made on June 1. I made sure I was logged in but there was no "edit" tab down at the bottom of my post. "Reply" and "Reply With Quote" were both there. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I assumed there must be a time limit. That's what I get for assuming.

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    That's exactly what I've experienced, Heather.

    For example, we have a June sit-up challenge going on, and I want to edit it daily to update how many sit-ups I've done. But the "edit" tab disappears after so many hours or something. It's too bad!

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    Default Re: BCB Posting - How long can you edit?

    I find that I can edit a post I made the same day, but not the next day or later. This is my one and only complaint...........and I can live with it!!

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    Default Re: BCB Posting - How long can you edit?

    Seems to me to be 24 hour limit, based on when I was trying to post food plan the night before and edit the next day with what I actually ate... if I finished the edit before 24 hours it was good, if it was over, the link wasn't there (and if I started an edit before the 24 hours but didn't finish in time I got an error and the edit didn't save).
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    This, to me, sounds like a good thing: no editing capabilities after 24 hours = copy and paste into a new response = more board action!
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