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Thread: MO: TGIFriday 04/23/10

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    Default MO: TGIFriday 04/23/10

    Good Morning Guys!
    Made the treadmill last night AND got a walk in with the girls/pups in between the rain drops!!
    Came home and chased them around awhile more; and did the vacuuming! (Energy burst, I guess)!

    B-Choc protein shake; Low sodium V-8
    L-Sand thin w/FF Bologna & WW cheddar; Bowl of chicken/dumpling soup (a co-worker brought it for me yesterday, but I had already eaten my lunch)
    S-Fruit2Day (Mango/Peach)
    D-TBD (Wife says she's been craving a local sub shop)??

    E-Treadmill & walking outside with the fam!

    EDIT--I forgot to mention-tomorrow we are taking my MIL out for her 50th birthday. We are going to Applebees. Anyone have any suggestions as far as menu items that aren't total day busters???

    Hope everyone has a good day! Wrap it up TIGHT for the week men!

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    Wow--Googled Applebees--they have some REALLY decent looking meals on their "under 550 calorie" menu! Pretty good choice of restaurants as it turns out!
    If anyone has actually tried any of these meals, I'm still open to suggestions!

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    Applebees used to have a WW menu... maybe not any more...

    I am going to Ruby Tuesdays tonight. I plan on just getting the salad bar.

    No daily for me today. Busy at work.


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    Default Re: MO: TGIFriday 04/23/10

    Good morning guys.

    Boy, back in the day I used to love Ruby Tuesdays. But I don't go there anymore, haven't in a long time.

    Applebee's, according to their nutritional information PDF on their website, has both the under 550 calorie items AND Weight Watchers affiliated items. I'm not sure if the under 550 items have the points on the menu, but the WW items do (and they're all pretty reasonable as I recall, under 7 points each I think).

    Ok, the below goes Calories / Fat / Fiber / Points. They only list Calories, Saturated and Trans Fat, sodium, and carbs on the nutritional information, so for total fat for the calculator I just summed saturated and trans fat (all had no trans fat), and for fiber I just assumed zero.

    Yes, I know, thanks, you're welcome, haha

    WW Steak and Portobellos (includes sides)            330	3	0	1	7
    WW Garlic Herb Chicken                               370	1	0	1	7
    WW Paradise Chicken Salad                            340	1	0	1	7
    (Under 550) Asiago Peppercorn Steak                  390	6	0	1	8
    (Under 550) Spicy Shrimp Diavolo                     500	3.5	0	1	10
    (Under 550) Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobellos      450	6	0	1	10
    (Under 550) Grilled Shrimp & Island Rice             380	1	0	1	8
    (Under 550) Asian Crunch Salad                       490	1	0	1	10
    So anyway today I'm throwing a BBQ here at work. I brought my own salad though and I'm going to eat a single burger on some of those sandwich thin things that Orowheat makes (usually I use Sara Lee 45 calorie bread for a "bun").

    B: Kashi (2) / Applesauce (1) / Coffee (0)
    S: Banana (2)
    L: Burger + Sandwich Thin (12) / Salad from home (1) / Dannon Yogurt (12)
    S: Apple (1)
    E: Elliptical / Weights (-12)
    D : TBD

    EDIT: Looks like I'll have enough points to have one of our financial lady's brownies. Woohoo

    As I mentioned yesterday, my dad's coming this weekend to hang out, he left about 30 min ago, should be here about 5pm PDT I think. No idea what we'll do but I'm going to try and show him how I eat this weekend, maybe it'll give him and my mom some ideas.

    Have a great Friday everyone! And a great weekend because I probably won't have a chance to get online again until Monday!

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