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    I was browsing through some old photos on my hard drive and came across several I'd taken to put on social websites (myspace, friendster, etc). Almost brought me to tears realizing what I looked like back then. I decided to make this one as a before & after to remind myself why I go to they gym every night. I hope it inspires you as well.

    P.S. I was just thinking -- imagine if the pictures were reversed. If the one on the right was the before and the left were the after, I'd want to strangle whoever did that to me. Unfortunately the guy who did that to me is the one in the picture.
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    WOW, what a change You look much happier now. You clearly have worked very hard for you lose and are a big motivator to so many on this site. Congratulations.

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    Wow Blackbeard nice to see your face and wow what a transformation.
    Nice job and thanks for sharing.

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    Congratulations! I like the new specs too!

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    You look great. And I agree with whoever said you look so much happier now.

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    Good decision to drop the beard!! Thanks for sharing your pictures BB!

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    You look amazing.. like a whole brand new person. And way happier. Good for you. Keep up the good work!

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    WOW!! You look fantastic!

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    To think you were hiding such a good looking guy under all that beard.

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    Wow, you've done an amazing job! I think it really says something that you weren't smiling in the before picture, but you are in the after picture! Great job!
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    You look so much younger! WOW!
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    Great job! You look wonderful, and I'm sure that is a wonderful feeling!

    Also, you look happy in the second, not so much in the first!

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    Wow! You definitely look more happy now - and don't look like you hate the camera - and you shouldn't! Fantastic!

    Thanks for inspiring all of us - AND losing the beard. You have too nice a face to hide behind the fur!
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    Dude, you just took 15 years off your face. Awesome!
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    congrats on the weight loss!

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