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Thread: SiFi Sunday Nov 29

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    Default SiFi Sunday Nov 29

    Good morning buddies!

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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday Nov 29

    Sure has been slow here this weekend!!!!

    It's a beautiful day here and I might head out on my bike this morning and then again this afternoon, we'll see! Otherwise I'll be on my bike inside....

    DH is taking DS back to Pitt today. I am planning on NOT going along and getting some other things done. I've been working on getting my fundraising letters out for my TnT Tahoe 2010 ride (for those who are knew I do 100 mile bike rides to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with Team in Training--more info in the link in my signature)....I'd like to get them out SOON and hopefully be finished with fundraising extra early this year!!!!!

    We are eating down our Tgiving leftovers but everyone is sad to see them go! I made two more pumpkin pies yesterday, one with regular crust and one with oats on the bottom. YOU MUST TRY THAT! Just sprinkle a layer of uncooked oatmeal on the bottom of the oil sprayed plate.

    I also made a soup with cabbage and lentils yesterday in the PC because I had a head of cabbage that was getting old...

    WELL, a number of buddies have been MIA lately, hope to see you here soon!!!!

    Make it great buds!See ya later!

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    Hi Lynn and all who follow. It is a beautiful sunny day in NH today. DF is out on the deck re-installing the trim around the new sliders. It is so nice when a project is started and completed in the same trip up here!! Now he's all rarin' to go on replacing the tile in the hall where you enter the house. I can't wait. The whole house is carpet, and I HATE carpet, so little by little it will all go. But it all takes time. I'll be thrilled to get rid of the off-white berber carpet in the highest-traffic area of the house (up here where there's mud and snow - what were they thinking getting off-white?????!!!!!)

    I also want to put up my red skis outside as a decoration. I will be making a wreath and kissing ball, but haven't decided if I feel like getting into that today - it has been a really busy time up here with the holiday and slider installation.

    I made an Orange Dreamsicle Pudding yesterday that was almost SiFi (may have to count ff cool whip, but I haven't figured out how much there really is per serving) - it was delicious and I'll post it on the SiFi recipe section. Also posted a Corn Chowder recipe we love!

    Enjoy the rest of the day buddies!! And, Happy Advent to those who observe it!!!
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    Good Morning Lynn and all to follow!

    DH and I are the only ones up at this point. We have a houseful of people who stayed up way too late! I made a breakfast casserole last night and popped it in the oven a little while ago. DH just ran to the store for a paper and will pick up some fruit to go with breakfast. I LOVE having everyone here but............boy, am I tired!! I have a busy week ahead of me and I don't see any "down-time" for the foreseeable future . Oh well, I'll just enjoy my loved ones while they're here .

    Since we had Thanksgiving on Friday, we will eat the leftovers today. I made 2 pork roasts for dinner last night (along with all the "requests" that I didn't serve on Friday, just how many things can you fit in one meal !), so we will have different leftovers tomorrow. Good thing, I'm am sick of cooking!!

    Lynn~ Enjoy your time alone. Hope you get lots done, but not so much you don't have some me-time .

    Sailor, you snuck in on me! Sounds like a really great weekend! Glad those darn doors are finally in!

    I hope all my buddies have a great day and can stop by when all the holiday craziness ends!

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    Morning buddies!

    We decorated the Christmas trees yesterday, the kids did a great job of theirs. I had to put a few at the top though, as I bought them a 7.5 foot tree & the boys are only 8 & 10!

    Today I am spending the afternoon helping out a friend at her photography studio. She has shoots every hour from 9am - 4pm. Her business is next door to my former business & we get on really well. The new owner of my business can't understand why I help the photographer for free when I won't work for him for minimum wage!!

    Anyway, better get the boys doing their homework! Makes week days easier if some of it is done already!


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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday Nov 29

    Hi Everyone and so glad you all had good holidays. I have been busy!

    Friday I got decorated and Fri night I went to my 25th reunion. Kind of last minute decision but I had a good time. Funny but the woman aged much better than the men did, I guess hair dye and makeup help! Most people looked great. I had fun dancing.

    Sat I slept in because I didn't get home till 1:00, so late for me. We went in the afternoon and picked up the real tree but won't put it up until DD comes home again 12/15. She went back to Penn State today with her friends. I am waiting now for her to call and say she got there ok. You always worry don't you!

    Today DH, DS and i went to the Eagles game. Thank heavens they won but it was a long day and since it was a close game no one left early and there was traffic. Thank heavens I had made turkey soup and when we got home we heated that up.

    So this week I have to get ready for our holiday party. So far I have about 30 confirmed guests but haven't heard from quite afew. So we'll see. I have already made 182 meatballs! We ordered a Heavenly Ham and I will make a pasta dish for any vegetarians in the group. lots of people have offered to make appetizers and desserts. But of course i have to clean!

    Oh and Lynn you'll relate to this. DS has his first club volleyball game the day of our party! So I got him a ride with another family since it is in York. But I am organizng parents to bring food for the boys. So TONS of email updates!

    Well I am tired so going to relax. Good night all.
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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday Nov 29

    Sue, you HAVE been busy!!! WOW!!!

    Oh and I can SO relate to volleyball!!! And in York...they went right by my house (well not RIGHT by, but close!)...and of course I spent MANY MANY hours in various York locations for vball!!! I MISS IT!!!!

    DH drove DS back to Pitt as he did not secure a ride on one of the Pitt buses or any other ride and the train was full...anyway, DH is driving there and back having left this afternoon! I am enjoying time home alone. The trip back to college is less worrisome when the driver is DH...I know I ALWAYS worry when the kids are on the road!!

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