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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving (USA) buddies, November 26th

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    Default Happy Thanksgiving (USA) buddies, November 26th

    Good morning!

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    Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving (USA) buddies, November 26th

    Turkey's in the oven (with COW bread stuffing), pumpkin baked oatmeal has been baked (this morning), COW bread with some pumpkin is in the bread machine. Last night I made cranberry salads, hot cheese dip, two pumpkin pies (SiFi filling, one with crust one without), and pear/apple/cranberry wheat pudding (rolled wheat instead of oats). (I made the COW bread that I used for the stuffing last night too--made the stuffing this morning.) I guess I HAVE been kind of busy since getting home last night!!!

    I still have some cleaning to do. My parents are arriving around noon. It is too foggy to go out for a bike ride right now, plus it's wet. If I have the choice I prefer dry and NOT foggy. It will either clear up or I'll just use my old bike on the trainer, which probably should be moved from the living room before my parents arrive.

    Not surprisingly DH ran into more problems than expected installing the bathtub in the first floor bathroom. It is in it's place now but not installed. MUCH MORE dust got made yesterday in this process. Dust isn't even the right word for it!

    Later, I will be roasting sweet and regular potatoes, with some carrots, onions and garlice, maybe making mashed potatoes (for DS), roasting some brussel sprouts, making salad. I might cut up some red peppers. I have baby carrots too...olives....hmmm, anything I'm forgetting???

    Well I guess I should get rolling. Obviously not too many buddies checking in here so far today..okay NO buddies have posted yet apparently!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day full of great food, terrific time with family and/or friends and a day when you can take the time to be grateful for all you have!!!

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    Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving (USA) buddies, November 26th

    Thanks Lynn, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Boy, being on SiFi will make this an easier Thanksgiving meal. I have read about your COW bread and keep thinking I need to try it. But, COW stuffing too huh? Wow, you have gotten a lot done already today. We have our meal at 5:30 because of the deer hunters on our family, so I haven't gotten anything done yet, but soon I will.

    Have a great, OP day everyone!
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    Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving (USA) buddies, November 26th

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Wow Lynn you have been very busy today. We are at the Salvation Army serving lunch right now ( have some down time right now). Then we will go home and I will finish up our dinner. Hopefully we can have a nice easy and fun night just hanging out.

    Anyone plan on shopping tonight/ tomorrow? Not me, those kinda crowds are not my thing.

    Oh yeah I made the crustless pumpkin pie.... It was/ is fantastic!!!

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    Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving (USA) buddies, November 26th

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my buddies in the US! Hope you are having a great day, and are able to spend time with those you love.

    Just a regular day here. I went with my buddy for the H1N1 shot so now I have a sore arm. Better that than a bad 'flu. I also got DH a coupon to go later. He wasn't going to go but I threatened that I wouldn't look after him if he didn't get the shot & then got sick!! The boys had theirs last week. Here in Quebec they are vaccinating ahead of their planned schedule, all the priority groups have been vaccinated & now it's open to everyone.

    After getting our shots we felt the need to go for coffee (skim latte!) and a browse around the small stores in a 'village' area. I found a couple more gifts.

    Anyway, I am off to do some wrapping before my monsters come home with their prying eyes!



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    Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving (USA) buddies, November 26th

    My parents just left. We had a nice meal and a nice time! Everything came out well, if I may say so...I feel really full though! Although it was almost exclusively filling foods, still a LOT of food!!! AND I have a LOT of FANTASTIC leftovers!

    I want to put a plug in for making crustless pumpkin pie with a layer of oatmeal on the bottom of the plate. Spray with oil first, then just spread out some uncooked oatmeal and spray again (not sure that spraying is necessary)...anyway, it almost makes a "crust"..TRY IT!

    I have some more cleaning up to do from it's just FOUR DAYS of RELAXATION!!!!!! more or less...four days off from work anyway...well if I don't count my ww meetings....

    I had time to sneak in a 15.7 mile ride before my parents arrived...

    Well, enjoy the rest of the day buds!

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