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Thread: SF Daily~Wednesday~Nov. 25

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    Default SF Daily~Wednesday~Nov. 25

    Good morning!

    Here I am again, up for work, chillin' with some coffee, before I head off to chaos . We are soooo short handed at work that we barely have time to breathe ( much less sit or go to the bathroom ). I will start my cooking when I get home, if the kids and DH finish the "chores" I left for them! I have until Friday though, as that's when we are having our dinner.

    I have a bunch of new recipes from a WW cookbook that my dad gave me. I hope to have some time to post them soon.

    I better get my stuff together and try to get in the right frame of mind for work. Have a good one buddies! I'll be back tonight!

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    Well I had my weigh in last night. I was down .1 of a pound. I am a little disappointed, but I'm guessing next week will be good. I ate core all week, didn't go over my 35 points for the week. I exercised all week and pushed myself hard. It's not a gain, so I'm happy. My pants are feeling good on me, so I know that's a good sign.

    I got a new workout DVD yesterday, so I'm going to start it. Jillian Michaels, 30 day shred. I'm a fan of hers, so I'm looking forward to it tonight. Has anyone here tried it?

    I also have this coming. My core is my biggest problem area, so I really wanted to try it. Last winter I went to an ab yoga class and I really liked it and I think this has similar moves. Plus, who wouldn't want Kelly Ripka's body! If it's what she does, I'm willing to do it. Ordering this is cheaper than going to the class a couple times.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The Canadian Thanksgiving was in October.

    I'm enjoying a pot of herbal tea. No milk or sugar added. I do enjoy an odd coffee, but I don't enjoy it with sugar anymore.

    Jen G
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    Default Re: SF Daily~Wednesday~Nov. 25

    Morning Jen and Linda!

    I have a lot to do for the holiday but i have 4 college age girls sleeping in my family room! So I have to be quiet. It is so different when DD comes home. It is usually quiet aroudn here. And DS has been having his friends over lately too. Oh well it'll get done, I am only having a total of 10 including us. Not a large crowd

    Jen, I have the 30 day shred and it is good. These are my favorite Jillian DVDs though and Sorry I don't know how to change name in link! it is No More Trouble Zones and Banish the Fat. They are long though and the shred is a quick intense workout. I think you'll like it.

    Well off to shower! HAve great day
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    Morning all!!

    Nothing too exciting planned for today. I think I will head down to Santa's Workshop (the basement!) and get some more wrapping done. I need to check who has what & see if I need to buy anything else. I am buying the kids gifts from the in-laws, so need to make sure I have stuff to label from them. I tend to buy things when I see it & then assign who it's from.

    Just under 3 weeks until my parents come! I can't wait to see them. They haven't been here for xmas since 2002 - and I love having them here for the special time of year. The boys have no idea, so they will get a surprise.

    Have a good day buddies!


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    Default Re: SF Daily~Wednesday~Nov. 25

    Hey Buddies...

    Got a LOT of housecleaning done the last two days - almost spring cleaning level...and I'm pretty happy with the house now.

    I'm about to go to the supermarket to pick up everything for Thanksgiving dinner - I figure better now than later in the day.

    Sounds like everyone has a game plan for Thanksgiving - to all of you! Thanksgiving is really a Core/SiFi friendly holiday...just remember not to eat past satisfaction and you'll do fine. Back when I was losing, I think I even LOST weight at my first post Thanksgiving weigh-in. I was just happy to not gain!

    After this trip to the store, I'm staying away from all shopping until next week!

    Hugs to all, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
    Veronica the Pushy Core Zealot
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    Default Re: SF Daily~Wednesday~Nov. 25

    Hi buds! I'm at work, wishing I was off TODAY!

    DS#2 got home safely last night from Pitt. DS#1 will not be home, he's in MS with Americorps for another few we'll miss him but he'll be home pretty soon!!

    I went shopping last night but I still need a few things. I was annoyed that they were out of the store brand of ff evap milk, I broke down an bought a name brand that was not even on sale (the non ff version of that brand WAS on sale)...I forgot to get more pumpkin! I usually have my own home grown but this was the first year we didn't grow pumpkins since I can remember. I have a number of things I want to use pumpkin for and need more.

    I will be cooking AND cleaning tonight! Our DR is a mess, between the bathroom project and DUST like you wouldn't believe from that AND the fact that it is "fundraising central" for my TnT/LLS stuff...yikes I have a LOT of cleaning in there to do...meanwhile DH and DS are supposed to be working hard on the bathroom least this year we should have WATER (unlike last Tgiving!!) and the bathroom IS useable regardless of what they get done today....yes, our rennovation projects go on a good long time...a year is nuthin' 'round here!!

    Tomorrow's plan is to throw the turkey in the oven and head out for a bike ride! I did it last year so I think it should work out again...

    Make it great buds!

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    Default Re: SF Daily~Wednesday~Nov. 25

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE! Busy day--both boys came in yesterday and DD arrives tonight at 10 PM. Just found out at 2 PM that I will be cooking dinner tomorrow--was going to BIL's, but he called to say his little girl and MIL have the flu, so we certainly don't want to be there! I feel kind of sorry for him, but neither grandma needs the flu at 85 y.o. So I rushed to the store and bought a turkey breast since there are only 7 of us and we will have a small feast. Tomorrow will be a busy day, though I wasn't planning on it.

    Lynn our regular grocery (huge) was out of pumpkin. A friend told me at the end of September that there might be a shortage of pumpkin this year due to weather. Hope that doesn't affect your shopping!
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