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Thread: SF Daily~Tuesday~Nov. 24

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    Quick HELLO buddies, I have a long day ahead of me. I work 'til 3 then have Mikey from 3:30- 8:30, then off to bed shortly there after as I work tomorrow too. I left a list of "chores" for DH and kids, we'll see how that goes . We are having Thanksgiving dinner on Friday this year. That way the kids can go to the "in-laws" on Thurs. and we can have a more relaxed time together. To me, it doesn't matter what day it is as long as we're all together . I plan to do much of the cooking on Thursday while everyone is off visiting. I better get moving and get my lunch packed. Hope you all have a good day!

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    Linda a lot of people do that now to accommadate families, eat on a different day. And like you said, what does it matter what day. Last year we ate on the Sunday before because we went to Eagles game that Turkey day.

    Work today then take DD to dermatologist. I hope I get done at work if not I have to go back or go in tomorrow, which I am trying to avoid! Tomorrow is cleaning and getting done what I can ahead. If i get enough done I will have time for the gym Thurs morning. Unfortunately gym doesn't open till 8, wish it was 7!

    Have good one buddies!
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    Morning buddies!

    Nothing exciting planned for today - signing for our mortgage renewal & chores.

    Have a good day - make it count!


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    Morning buddies!

    We've done Thanksgiving on Friday sometimes in the past. That IS nice because it gives you Tgiving day to prepare! I work Wednesday this year so there's little prep time! Ours will be a small group, 5 at most!'

    DS arrives home from Pitt today. He is getting a ride with a friend's grandparents (who are driving several of his friends). Nice. He has no way back. Pitt sends out busses as they discourage students having cars, but DS did NOT get a ticket and they are full. I checked the train (booked for Sunday) and regular busses yesterday and the two possible busses take 18 and 21 hours to get from Lancaster to Pittsburgh (a 4 hour car trip)!!!!!! And one leaves at MIDNIGHT! So we'll probably be driving him back!

    Well, I better get to work!

    Make it great buds!

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    Hi everyone! We are going to have Thanksgiving with friends this year. I always bring a lot of food to whatever I go to, and this year (I think knowing how busy I am) my friend "assigned" me to bring 4 dozen dinner rolls. That's it! So, it will be an easy time for me this time around!

    We decided on a red velvet cake with raspberry filling for the wedding cake. It will be frosted in white with snowflakes piped on the sides and some real red roses on the top of each layer. We met with the DJ yesterday and he will be great, I think. He's young (well, everybody is compared to me anymore!!) but very poised and has a lot of swing and big band music, plus the stuff from the 60's that we want. AND he has polka music!! We want a little segment of about 3 or 4 polkas. He said he doesn't get much call for it (no surprise there!!) but he does have it and will pull it out so it is available on his computer for our day!! When he gets it out of whatever storage it is in (computer? attic??) he'll send us the titles so we can pick (I sure don't want the "Too Fat" song- or maybe I should to keep us all in line when they serve the cake!!)

    Last weekend we didn't have time to finalize things with the inn where the reception will be so we hope to do that this coming weekend. In December, three of my girlfriends are having an engagement party for us, which is really sweet. I said I did not want a shower and did not want gifts, so they are doing this because they wanted to have a party for us.

    Today I'm meeting a friend at a local jewelers to show her the ring I like (I don't have an engagement ring - I think it would make me feel like I was on lay-away or something. Plus, I'm so active it would be too much for everyday wear. So I'm having some diamonds set low in my wedding band (channel setting, if you're familiar with that)). She is a jeweler herself, actually, but in Boston. So she will see what I like and then let me know what she can do for me pricewise. And I get to save a trip to the city! Speaking of the city, I do have to get in there. I'm trying to make a city trip and get a whole lot of things done at once!

    Off to work with me!! Have a great day, everyone!!

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    Sailor that all sounds so LOVELY and like you are having SO MUCH FUN!!!

    (just came back from the eye doctor, my pupils are dilated, so forgive any typos)

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    Hi Everyone,

    I had lunch with a friend yesterday at her house and had wonderful time.

    It is going to be just DH and I for Thanksgiving. Last year and this year I tried to find out if there was anybody at church that did not have family in the area so we could invite them for Thanksgiving. It seems people and staff at church do not know of anybody. We recently got a new pastor so maybe next year there will be list. I sure hope so. If things were different between my brother and sil we would go to their house to TG but since that will not be happening I get kind of sad at TG.
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    Hey Buddies,

    Fly by as I am off work this and trying to get a lot accomplished. DD and her friend have been doing sleepovers, alternating between our house and her friend's place. Tonight DD is away.

    Deep cleaned the kitchen, our bathroom, the laundry area...need to mop. Tonight we will bring the carpet cleaner over from the church to do our dining area and living area rugs, plus a couple of spots on DD's carpet. I'll be putting together the grocery list for Thanksgiving so that I can get up early and get it done. DH will pick up the (fresh) turkey tomorrow. I'll post the menu later tonight or tomorrow on the Thanksgiving meal thread.

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