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Thread: Sifi Daily Tues Nov. 17th

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    Default Sifi Daily Tues Nov. 17th

    Good morning everyone! I slept in till 6:15 because my boss called and asked me to come in at 10 instead of 8:30, weren't goign to be ready for me. DH is traveling to AlbanyNY for work and left really early. So once DS gets off to school I am heading to the gym and the elliptical.

    Not much else on tap for today. I have been trying to get a little extra cleaning done each day. I usually do more of a spring type cleaning before my holiday party. Not sure why since then it gets messy but it motivates me to have people coming over.

    Have a great day!
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    Good Morning!
    A little about myself. 32yrs, wife and mother of 3 children (2 are in school). I have a home daycare and 5 children come into my home everyday. I cook for all the children, hence I feel like I'm picking at food ALL day. I'm changing my habits now and making better choices and I'm very happy about it. I made the meal in one meatloaf last night and it was good and filling.

    Have a great day! I have my TOPS weigh-in tonight.
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    Morning buddies!

    I have a drs appointment today for my annual check up & 2nd Twinrix shot. I had blood work done a couple of weeks ago, so it will be interesting to see what the results are.

    Dinner tonight will be a pork roast.

    Have a good day buddies!


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    Jen - glad you found this site and this group. These ladies are awesome and really help me a lot.

    I saw that recipe and it looks really good. I'll have to try it one night.

    Sue - it's funny how we like to clean up for a party that will totally mess up our homes! I do the same now for a big family Thanksgiving day dinner. At least I get all my cobwebs down at least 2 or 3 times a year now

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    Morning Buds!

    I just finished a cup of lima bean soup for breakfast ( can you tell I love it?) . It is soooo filling, I bet it lasts all morning. DH left this morning 'til Friday, I'm still going through my "summer" and "winter" clothes , It's easier when he's gone and not right under foot. When I put some of it away, I forgot I'm going on a cruise in February, I'll need a bunch of it early! I'm going through and putting what I think I'll take on top so I can grab it and pack when the time comes .

    Dfriend, a teacher, has a half day today, so we plan to walk in the early afternoon. I have Mikey from 4-8:30 so I hope I can shower after my walk so I don't have to tonight.

    Sue~ Have fun cleaning (). I think we all do the same thing with parties, It's crazy!

    Jen~ Good luck at WI!

    Becky~ Let us know how your "numbers" are!

    Everyone else~ Make it a great day!!!!

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    Good morning! Jen, welcome! Linda, glad you like the soup so much!! I want to make some but probably won't get to it until tomorrow; I have a meeting tonight after work that's an hour and a half from where I work.

    I was going to make turkey meatballs this morning, but didn't have time. Too many things on the to-do list! Plus, just got a notice that DPup needs a lyme vaccine update. It seems like dogs get more shots and immunizations than children!!!

    Have a great day!

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    Good afternoon, Buddies!

    Dang, the days seem to be FLYING by...I'm off work all next week and can't WAIT to relax. I'm enjoying the Thanksgiving thread as I'll be cooking - last year we flew up North for the holiday. I missed the leftover turkey - this year I'll make a nice stock the following day.

    Last night watched DWTS - I'm just not into it that much this season, as none of the stars are as fun to watch as Gilles and Cheryl from the last season. Well...maybe Mya and Dmitry. I'm not a ballroom dancer at all - I'm more of a spastic freestyle type, although hopefully less of an embarassment than Elaine (from Seinfeld).

    Last night I didn't make chicken after all - I did Amy's "Hamburger Helper"...always a family it will be chicken tonight.

    Sue - looking forward to catching you on Dr. Oz tonight!
    Jen - so glad you are with us!
    Becky - OK, I've forgotten - are you taking the Twinrix to prepare for a trip?
    Cherry - my family LOVED that recipe -
    -and thanks to Linda for it!
    Sailor, I'd love to carry our animals on our health insurance! All the vet visits get pricey...
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    Default Re: Sifi Daily Tues Nov. 17th

    Quote Originally Posted by verngator1 View Post
    I'm not a ballroom dancer at all - I'm more of a spastic freestyle type, although hopefully less of an embarassment than Elaine (from Seinfeld).
    I needed a good chuckle this afternoon....finishing up my day at work. Contemplating squeezing in a quick bike ride (before it gets dark at about 4:45)...I think I'd like to live at the equator...then I'm off to an "information meeting" for TnT, basically a recruiting meeting. I am PUMPED to get the 2010 spring season rolling!!!!! (and to see some of my TnT buddies)

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    Default Re: Sifi Daily Tues Nov. 17th

    Just as I went to post I got logged out again. Luckily I had copied my post but this is really getting frustrating. I am having problems on Facebook also. People on FB have made suggestions but none have worked.

    We are having an unbelievable hail storm right now. I just got back from a hair cut appointment which I walked to. I am glad it did not start hailing while I was walking. I made stew in the pressure cooker yesterday using the recipe that Amy posted and it was so good.

    I had a few miner changes. The recipe must be for a larger pc than mine so I put less meat, potatoes and carrots. I also left the worchestire sauce out because of my food allergies but it was still really good.
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