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Thread: SiFi Sunday November 15th

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    Default SiFi Sunday November 15th

    Whoa, THREE days in a row (me starting the daily)!

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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday November 15th

    Well it's a beautiful day here! I'm going to catch up on my reading for Disciple Bible tonight and head to church...if I have time I'll take poor, unexercised dog for a walk.

    In the light of day, the kitchen floor looks pretty darned good! That was way more work than it had to be. I'm going to look into a mop I can use on a regular basis to KEEP it looking good vs. doing it.....every.....few....years...(few isn't even accurate). I'm also going to get some sort of oxygen bleach to use (I did some reading). The floor has some spots I could still work on. That was a huge job! I have sore muscles and my back is a little sore too, but not too bad! Now I need to clean my OTHER floors.

    Well, not much else to say. I'll be heading out for a bike ride with at least one of my "teammates" this afternoon and then off to Bible study in the evening so that's pretty much the rest of my day!

    Make it great buddies! Hope you'll have beautiful weather like we're having here!

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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday November 15th

    Good Morning, OK, I'll jump in here. Nothing "fun" to report, although I did have fun seeing my sister . I am trying to mop the kitchen floor with 4 dogs and a cat , it's not working out too well. DD is up from MD with her puppies. I thought I could just get it mopped before the gang got up, not so much. I'll re-do it tomorrow when everyone is gone. General clean-up and I'll put together the "meal-in-one" meatloaf so I can get out for a walk in a bit. Hope you all have a good Sunday. Be back later!

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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday November 15th

    Morning all!

    We had a good evening with our friends. There was some 'mis-communication' and they thought only the adults were coming, and I expected their 3 boys we have enough chicken & baked potatoes for another meal (or 2, as i always make extra!).

    I just made pancakes for the boys & DH & I had cottage cheese / oatmeal pancakes. They were pretty good. We finished off the fruit slad from last night too.

    Now it's homework time...uuugghhhh..


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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday November 15th

    Its been snowing here in Colorado. I'm cocooning here, today is laundry day and I need to do some SiFi cooking so that I will have a more successful week. Last week I was struggling, and only lost .2 in my weigh in at meeting yesterday. On the bright side, the week before I had lost 4 pounds so that means I managed to keep that off whilst struggling!

    The things I plan to cook today are: Chili, Potato Soup and CORE Borownies (from PJinLV off the 5 recipes you can't live without thread). I also need to make some quinoa to portion out for lunches instead of rice, so I can have rice with some of my dinners.

    I don't know if I will get all that done - my roommates are home too, and I don't know what their kitchen plans are. But I must get the brownies done, I need something SiFi-Legal to have on hand, especially during PMS week.

    My NSV this week was fitting into a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in about 2 or more years. It felt great, I wore them to work on Friday.

    Thanks to you all for being here, I hope everyone has a great day!


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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday November 15th

    Good afternoon buds! It is REALLY beautiful here now! In the upper sixties!! I'm headed out to bike soon, but wanted to pop back in.

    miristar I wanetd to comment on a few things you said. First, congrats on the big NSV. Please understand that I say the following to help ALL buddies, because they reflect common themes we see here...

    Consider that your mere .2 pounds loss this week probably reflects your body simply catching up from last week's 4 lb loss, which, no doubt, wasn't all fat loss! Try looking at the big picture. The results of one week don't show up immediately.

    Third, try not to think of foods as "legal" (and what's the opposite, illegal?). YES, WW used to use these terms, but they are "diet" mentality....ALL foods are okay on SiFi, it's just that you have to count points for some of them and SOME of them are triggers and therefore better avoided, for now. (Reassess periodically to see if you can add them in).

    Fourth, there are LOTS of other grains to choose from! And of course you CAN have rice(pasta of potato)twice a day and count points...

    Hope you don't mind me responding to those common themes for, hopefully, the benefit of other buddies!

    Let us know if we can help with the things that caused you to struggle!

    Posting menus is ALWAYS a great way to get help!!!

    See ya all later!

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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday November 15th

    Hi Everyone! Beautiful day here too! I went over to my parents and took short walk to their over 55 community's club house for a holiday bazaar. I didn't really buy anything though. They had a lot of jewelry which I don't need.

    The wedding was beautiful . A very classy affair and we had a great time. Did some dancing, which I really enjoy and don't do much of.

    Tonight we are going out for my brother's birthday. It is today. And my DS is bringing his new girlfriend. he seems stuck onthis one. She is very sweet and we like her alot. Very polite and a good student, so good to keep him on track! I usually have fish at this restaurant so that is probably my plan. They have salmon on a plank that is so good!

    Enjoy your Sunday buddies.

    Lynn, those were good reminders for all of us!
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    Default Re: SiFi Sunday November 15th

    I had a spontaneous trip to the Us to buy....frozen turkey!! They are 39 cents a lb, and I got a whopper 22lb bird for xmas for under $9!! WooHoo! Also picked up some really nice hand soaps at Bath & Body at 4 for $10, great for home & teachers gifts this year.

    My neighbour was going & called & invited me along, it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.


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