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    I cleaned my kitchen, took a shower & decided to take the 2L bottle of Diet Pepsi that was getting nice & cold out of the freezer. It had a bit of ice in it so being cautious I opened it in the sink. Suddenly - BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the lid blew off - all over the ceiling, walls, dishwasher, stove, cupboards & me!!! Meanwhile my dog stole my brush and was having a great time destroying it. I put him in his kennel with my hair dripping Pepsi and I realized the little bugger had my bra and a sock in his kennel. UGH!!! I had to go in his "house of no entrance" and somehow get my underwear. I decided to get the bitter apple and give him a squirt as I wasn't in no mood to fight with him this morning. Back in the kitchen to wipe everything in sight off!!! I'm exhausted and my hair is still as a board with my lovely new Pepsi hair mousse.


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    lol...oops sorry...didnt mean to laugh...but I can just picture it...lmao
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