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Thread: SF Daily - Sunday - November 8th

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    Hi everyone (where is everyone???!!!)

    Got up and made my wholegrain buttermilk pancake mix (not core but healthy and lower points) to have on hand since there was only 1/2 cup left in the container. Also made up a batch of muffins using a Bob's Red Mill wholegrain high fiber cereal in place of much of the flour. They had banana in them, too. One point per muffin is okay by me. They were great. DFiance ate 6!!! (Now, these are the old-fashioned sized muffins, not supersized ones!!). I need to make cocoa mix, but didn't have time before we had to leave for church.

    Hope everyone is having a great day! I'm going to do a little more garden closing-up - it is 67 degress outside!!

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    Hi Sailor

    I guess everyone had a busy weekend like I did.
    We had an aunt's 75th b-day party yesterday afternoon and then met friends I made at the gym for dinner. Then today we have the Eagles game. We are leaving at 4pm to tailgate
    DH and I did get in about a 3 mile walk this morning. It was still brisk then but not too bad. Now it got beatiful out. I am trying to decide what to wear to the game for warmth. I think I will bring options!

    I hope everyone had a good weekend. You were busy in the kitchen huh Sailor! Good for you.
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    We had a rough night last night. Our 8 yr old was coughing a lot, and he gets asthma so we had to keep a close eye on him.

    We went to a local market & for a walk along the canal with the kids this morning. Got an hour of walking in.

    I have just tidied out a cupboard - made a bit of extra space for when my parents come with 6 months supply of British things for us!

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend!


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    I had a pretty busy day buds. I guess I was here early and haven't been back since. I did NOT ride my bike this morning, instead I did things like THOROUGHLY clean my stove top! The early morning light REALLY lights up my kitchen and makes dirt obvious! WOW did it need it. The knobs don't come off and I finally figured out how to clean them well.

    Then I was off to church and then off for a bike ride with some of my TnT buddies. We did about 24 miles. One of the riders (way younger than the rest of us) is a novice so we had to wait for him....but it was a beautiful day and I don't mind an excuse to ride slower! It was fun to ride with my friends!

    Now it's a shower and off to Disciple Bible Study...

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    I made Lynn's baked oatmeal with cranberries! They are wonderful!! Like my little 2yo DGS says: SOOOOOOO Good!!

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