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Thread: Keeping Track of Food

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    Default Keeping Track of Food

    So I did SiFi all last week and I lost weight. But at my meeting this woman who has done SiFi for a long time told me that if I was tracking my food, I was doing it wrong.

    Personally, if I don't plan my food the night before, and then follow through by correcting my list to show what I ate, I can't tell if I hit all 8 guidelines. I'm not measuring as many foods, just the ones that I have to count WPAs for... seems to me that the people on this board do indeed plan their food and keep track of what they ate, to be successful.

    Could some experienced SiFi folks tell me what you do? I mean, I've been lurking here a while, and I think this woman is just wrong. She can do as she likes, but I think its quite possible to plan out my food and keep track of what I eat, without having done the plan wrong.


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    I track my food. But I don't write everything down anymore. When I was in losing mode, I kept track of everything on my computer. If needed, I wrote things down and entered them on the computer when I was on it later.

    Now I can mentally track the GHGs, and I don't eat all of my WPAs and APs so I really don't need to keep a running tab on them. But there are times when I think I may be going over, and I'll jot things down on my computer or on a note pad. I think writing things down helps us all.

    Do whatever works best for you. On SiFi we don't count points as we would if we were on flex, but most people, I think, do keep track, in written form or otherwise.

    Hope this helps. Be well.

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    Default Re: Keeping Track of Food

    I suspect that woman meant counting points by "tracking". Obviously we only need to count points for non filling foods. I track my WPAs and my APs. I don't write anything else down. Works for me. Oh, I do try to keep track of my GHGs...

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    Default Re: Keeping Track of Food

    Do what works for you! In LOSING MODE I journaled because I needed to be aware of what I was eating and to avoid doubling up on certain foods during one day (lean ground beef, pasta/potato/rice).

    I didn't jounal quantities of non SiFi/Core foods, but I did track them.

    B: Coffee with 2TBS half & half -1pt
    oatmeal with banana + blueberries
    L: Leftover bulgur + veggie "fried rice" , FF milk
    D: Core meatloaf, salad, brussel sprouts, FF milk

    Various snacks during the day:
    Apple, pear, red bell peppers ( I eat these by the bushel!), WW Giant Fudge bar - 2pt (or whatever, I can't remember how many points these things were...I used to be addicted to them but they sure kept me out of trouble!)

    Total food points used - 3pts
    Exercise WPA's earned - 3pts

    So yes, I journaled, but not to the nth degree of detail.
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    Smile Re: Keeping Track of Food

    Thanks!! I'm writing down my foods, and just putting checkmarks if they are a filling food, or what point amount it is, if I have to count it as some WPAs. Then I figure out my GHGs and add in whatever APs I've earned.

    Sounds like I'm doing it OK. Still very new at this!!


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    Default Re: Keeping Track of Food

    I usually journal everything I put in my mouth but that is for my own sanity more than anything else. I use a spreadsheet and all SiFi foods I list as 0 and only add in pts for the non-SiFi foods up to 35 and whatever APs I earn.

    Like it was already said before.. do what works for YOU. And welcome.

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