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Thread: SiFi Wed - Nov 4th

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    Default SiFi Wed - Nov 4th

    HI Everyone

    I am going to the taping of the Dr. Oz show today! I am so excited! DH is going with me, although he isn't quite as excited . I don't know what the show will be about yet or when it will air. I will tell you when I know. We are goign to the afternoon taping so have to be there at 1:00. I don't know how nuts going to NYC will be today with the World Series in NY but that is the Bronx and we are going to Rockefeller Center.

    I made a great potato butternut squash soup last night. I will post in recipes.

    Gotta go. Still not sure what I am wearing. They said small audience so likely to make it on TV. Yikes!
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    Sue - how exciting! You'll have to let us know when it will be shown on TV.

    I am going to get some housework done this morning, and then I am meeting two former customers for coffee & maybe lunch (depends on the menu, if not SiFi friendly I will eat at home). I also have the roof guy coming so that I can sign the has bene tough deciding between 2 quotes, but we settled with out 'gut instinct' in the end.

    have a great day buddies - make it count!


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    Hi everyone!

    Sue, have fun at the Dr. Oz show! I only recently found out who he was; I watch almost no TV!

    Becky, good luck with lunch!

    I'm looking forward to going to Symphony tonight. I think it is Beethoven, but I forget! I'll have to check the schedule online.

    Have a great one!!

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    Hi buds,

    Sue, HOW EXCITING!!!!! I love NY and have never been to a live show...AND we'll get to see you on TV eventually!!

    Becky, we need some roofing done too...but haven't even gotten quotes yet! So you are ahead of me!!! Hope lunch goes well!

    Sailor, symphony sounds like fun!!!!

    I have a report to write for tomorrow morning. That will be my focus this's a beautiful fall day here!

    Make it great buds!

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    Hey Buddies!

    Thank goodness it’s Wednesday! And thank goodness for DH!

    After returning from the trip north he took the past two days off and did some miracles at home – he went through boxes in the garage that were gathering dust and managed to throw away a lot of junk. He also found some treasures that we used to display in our old house – so it’s nice to see some of those goodies out again.

    One of the funniest things he found was an old album of pictures my friends and I took when I was about DD’s age. She got a kick out of the old hairstyles and pictures. One of the pictures included me laughing and giving a very rude gesture to the photographer…and I once lectured DD about the doing the same thing – boy, was I caught! Sometimes I forget that I once was 13 years old and stupid! DD and I laughed pretty hard about that one…

    Not much else to report around here…okay, one tiny thing – the Bishop’s office sent DH a profile for another church. It’s only about 25 minutes from our house so we would not be faced with selling the house in this very bad market.

    I think it would be a very tough call for any pastor – the prior pastor founded the church and was there 31 years, through retirement. I imagine that a pastor immediately following a long-term call like that would have a difficult time establishing his or her own ministry.

    In our denomination a pastor can move as frequently or infrequently as needed or desired. DH has been unhappy in his current call for a while; he followed a pastor who was eventually de-frocked. Our congregation has never learned to deal with conflict, and many parishioners refuse to believe that he was guilty of misconduct. (DH and I believe that the misconduct did occur. Unbeknownst to most of our congregation, the former pastor was also accused of similar behavior by others outside our church and in other situations, so the misconduct appears to have been his pattern. Lawsuits against the former pastor were filed and settled, and DH was deeply involved in the process. ) We also think that a pastor who has zero ties to the past and to the legal settlement will best help the church move forward.

    Sue – can’t wait to hear when your show will air!
    Becky, even though it has to be done, I hate spending $$ on home maintenance…but it’s better than waiting until you have damage!
    Sailor, I’m envious…although I am more of a Baroque gal than a Romantic…although I’ll take the Missa Solemnis.
    Lynn, we are also have some beautiful weather here – enjoy!

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    Default Re: SiFi Wed - Nov 4th

    V, a possible new call?? WOW that IS big news (to me anyway) Lutherans are SO lucky...having a CHOICE and all!!!! And then there's us itinerant Methodists....Sounds like it might be a good move! And "moving" without moving is always a good thing! (unless it involves having two homes that are 42 miles apart)

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