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Thread: "Turbo-core": Reigning it in!

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    Default Re: "Turbo-core": Reigning it in!

    Okay buds, my weight continues to creep upward these days...Like I said, I am assuming it is about eating too much (filling foods) for my reduced activity level (NOT biking TONS)...Not breaking any SiFi rules but STILL....definitely want to get back UNDER tactics...a la Beck Diet Solution!
    • Eat only when SITTING DOWN
    • Do NOT eat at the COMPUTER!!!!

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    Thanks for the thread Lynn. I needed it.

    I've been gone for awhile. I'm 5 weeks out from having a total hysterectomy and on a slow mend. I've gained weight from my last real posts back in April. I found myself so anemic and run down that the exercise and WW eating went right out of the window. But there is always today and the future.

    So I'm back, ready to rein it in. I will be slowly adding exercise because it still hurts to stand, but I will do it.

    So today I'm reining it in by:

    * Drinking water only (I know I can have other things, but I need to get the system cleaned out and on better footing.)

    *Pulling out the ol' food journal and start working to get my 9's in and pretty much sticking to SiFi foods. SiFi foods usually satisfy me and don't trigger me.

    * Making sure I do some kind of exercise daily: walking and right now yoga/stretching.

    It is good to be back here.

    *Irene* Thin for Life: Yes!

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