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Thread: New to BCB but not to WW...Help/Support needed!

  1. Smile New to BCB but not to WW...Help/Support needed!

    Hello all! My name is Kelly and live in CT. I am 23 years old and have battled with my weight my entire life. I started my WW weightloss journey at the age of 16 (junior in high school) at 180lbs. Through out the years I have lost and gained lost and gained. Each time droping my weight lower then the previous time and although I gained back weight it was not all of it. I have reached my goal of 110lbs before. Actually I hit my all time lowest of 108.5lbs like 4 months ago. Since then I have spiraled out of control. I have taken my mind totally out of the right things to eat how to eat and so on. Its like I went back to my old ways from when I was 180lbs. Eating whatever I wanted at anytime I wanted in ANY type of serving I wanted. Things like eating a bag a chips in one serving or a heaping bowl of ice cream lots of candy blah blah you all know what I am saying. I just fell back into my old ways that I swore to myself I would never do again. I am disappointed with myself I feel let down I feel just plain old horrible. This past weekend was like an all time low where I looked at myself in the mirror n stated "Kelly you worked so hard to achieve what you wanted and now look at you you are letting yourself go and you are letting yourself fail" I woke up this morning November 2, 2009 and told myself this was it I am back on track. I cant do this to myself anymore...That is where last night I found this site. I cant do meetings I dont have the money I have all the tools I need but I need support I do need to talk to people and that is where I was happy to find you guys. This is the breakdown of this morning:
    Weight 123lbs
    Daily Target 20pts
    Goal 110lbs
    Week starting Mondays

    November 2, 2009 Menu
    B- Coffee w/ fat free creamer 1pt Egg whites 1pt 1tbs Ketchup 0pts Yogurt 2pts 2tbs granola 1pt
    S- Plain oatmeal w/ cinnamon 2pts
    L- Lean Cuisne 4pts 1 cup spinach 0pts Apple 1pt
    S- Fat free cottage cheese 2pts Pineapple 1pt
    D- Progresso soup 3pts
    S- 100 cal pack almonds 2pts celery 0pts
    Total used: 20/20pts
    Liquid intake: 96 ounces (20oz powerade zero, 20oz water w/ crystal light, 20oz plain water, 20oz fruit2o, 16oz diet snapple plum-a-granate tea)
    Nons used: 3/5 (Nons are the items other then veggies used/drank through day that have calories but are a opt value)
    Activity points earned: 2
    Weekly points allowance: 35

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    Kelly!! There's lots of great support here at BCB! There's an active "Terrific 20's" board here as well as many other forums where you can share about your day, your challenges, your exercise, your food, etc.

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    You joined recently (9/19) as Kelly86.
    Which membership do you wish to keep?

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