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Thread: 50% goal in no time flat!!!

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    Talking 50% goal in no time flat!!!

    I started WW May 26 of this year, just a week short of 3 months now. I am 5"2", so my starting weight of 169lbs. was quite high for this menehune.

    This morning, I cautiously did my weekly weigh in ..hoping...but happy no matter what as this program is making me so much healthier.

    150 lbs!!! Down 1.5 from last week. The first 10 lbs. came off quickly of course, now I am down to a "normal" weight loss.

    20 more to go, and now it looks like I have to go from 22 points a week to 20. No problem, more walking and use some of those well deserved WPA'S.

    WW really works when we are honest and willing! Good luck and blessings to all of you, and I am very grateful for all the tips and support here.

    Looking forward to posting my before and afters when I reach my goal.

    5'2" eyes a green

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    Default Re: 50% goal in no time flat!!!

    Keep up the great work!

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    Default Re: 50% goal in no time flat!!!

    Thanks Kimberley! You too, and I find you to be such a great lifter of spirits on these boards. Also, though I have lived here over 30 years, I am a fellow Canuck, from B.C.

    I was concerned that being middle aged it would be more of a challenge to lose weight, but I think there are alot of myths and excuses about that. I have never felt so great in years and so surprised, and happy that I can do this, with pleasure!

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    The path looks shorter when you look back compared to looking at it from the begining.

    B4 & After:

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    Default Re: 50% goal in no time flat!!!

    Thanks so much CW. Yes how true that quote is! And how glad I am that this time has passed, and I have been given the strength and fortitude to keep going. Very rewarding, and surprising, that I, would be able to do this.

    Also I want you to know that I am one of those that really appreciates your honesty, candor, and valuable information you post for all of us. Very helpful, and very caring.

    Aloha, Coconut Patty

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    Congrats!!!!! Well deserved!
    Kristi- #4 Duchess Flies Like an Eagle
    Proverbs 31:25

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    Default Yes, we deserve it!

    Thanks Fittergirl! You are right, we have drummed up the strength to DO THIS!, it is not just something to be wishy washy about. Like many, I have had to deal with various addictions, and truly did not see myself as a winner in the eating sensibly and weighing in the proper zone, it was just one thing I ingnored as I could not picture me succeeding.

    I truly believe this change in my life will stick with me, and even if I slip, I am having the experience of what it is like to take the best care of myself. Never, have I ever done anything this good, for me.

    Now if I could just figure out how to use those weight tickers...

    Keep on the program everyone, may you be gifted with strength.

    5'2" eyes a green

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    Default Re: 50% goal in no time flat!!!

    I keep seeing my headline and feeling a little boastful..hope it did not seem like I was.

    Now, not surprisingly, the last half of my weight loss is going slower, this week I squeaked in a pound loss. I am grateful to the thread, "Why the scales lie", and have chosen to just weigh once a week.

    It is time to look to the long term goal, and to be simply grateful that I even started! Don't let anyone get us down, or discouraged, and take good care of ourselves.

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    Default Re: 50% goal in no time flat!!!


    SW: 148.5
    CW: 128.6
    GW: 120

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    Patty I don't think you are boasting. You did the work. Many people don't want to do the work but you did it and were rewarded with results. Congratulations on your resolve to follow a well tried and true program. You are an inspiration to those starting out or stalled in their efforts. Keep it up and keep us in the loop.

    She was warned.
    She was given an explanation.
    Nevertheless, She persisted.

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    Boast a way! It is a great achievement. Congrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TryingWW View Post
    Boast a way! It is a great achievement. Congrats.

    Thank you so much, and you are right I have been working very hard at this, and at the same time trying to eat right and really healthy.

    I will be going on a trip soon,,,I really want to stay OP but I hear horror stories about traveling and gaining.

    Any advice appreciated!

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    well I keep seeing this thread is still up, so, I thought I would add to it.

    When I first posted it, I had lost 20 pounds, half of my goal.

    NOW!! Hallelujah, I have lost 29 !!! Wooo woooo let's party!!!

    And I finally went to my first meeting last week, it was great. Kind of wished I had gone when I first started so that my journey would have been "on the books"

    However, the main thing is that I know, what has transpired.

    The weight watchers program is changing my life is such an incredible way, and along with the loss is this new relationship to food.

    I wish all this and more for all of you too.

    5'2" eyes a green

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