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    I joined Weight Watchers end of May 2008 about three months after having my 1st baby. I have always been overweight and I had tried almost every fad diet out there. May of 2009 I made lifetime.

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    Well I tried to upload my before and after pictures to this, but I don't have the options to.

    But I have lost 54lbs in 53 weeks. I started out pushing out of a size 16 and XL shirts were getting snug. I am now fitting into 90% of any size 10 I try on and a few size 8 if I'm lucky, I still have big thighs, always have always will, it is a family trait. I am wearing mostly medium shirts. This is the smallest I have ever been, since probably elementary school. I bought a treadmill last Nov, just for walking in the winter months, so I didn't have an excuse not to walk. I avoided running at all costs, but then I started getting bored with walking and started to run a little. Then in Jan I made up my minde that I was going to run a 5k this August. Well I am running a 5k this weekend, August, and then a almost 5 miles leg of the Detroit Marathon Relay team. I still am not a big fan of running but I like what is has helped me accomplish.

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    Great Job, Jodi

    I'm always proud of my fellow Michiganders who manage to stick with it. Good luck with your running, as well.
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    Thank you!

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    54 pounds in 53 weeks is quite impressive! Congratulations on your great success!

    "Do or do not. There is no try." (Yoda)

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    Thank you. Now just working every week to keep it off.

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    Jodi, Congratulations, that's fantastic.
    I am glad for what running has helped you accomplish! Running has paid off for me. I am at a weight and I size I NEVER thought I could be. Keep up the great work.
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    That is great Jodi, what an accomplishment, keep it up!

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