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    Some friends have asked for me to show off my story...

    This is the short version
    This is Monica and I on January 1, 2000 and 2001.

    I had gone to a high school reunion and was dissappointed by my appearence and my old friends reactions to it. As I began WW I went to a Friday Morning class at Jewish Community Center in Indy. That was an amazingly fun class and I got so much support and gained tons of knowledge. I learned that all we have to do as guys on WW is to sit next to the smart girl in class and copy her notes.
    I lost 9 pounds that first week and averaged 3 pounds a week for the first 6 months. My average went to 2 pounds a week when I began having beer again.
    I got awards almost every week and the gals in my class lovingly Booed me every time. It took some thinking to sort out that they were happy for me but pissed at the unfairness in a guys favor. I had to make up a story to explain it to them.
    I told my class that Men lose so quickly because:
    We tend to have more muscle and therefore burn cals better
    We don't tend to be the ones cooking for or tasting for others
    We don't have the hormonal challenges that women have.
    We don't Know "nothing about birthin' no babies"
    We don't have to put up with guys!
    Most of us have loving spouses to support us, So my best advice has always been...If you really want to be successful.....get a wife, It worked for me

    I went back to my next High School reunion 142 pounds lighter.

    That was as good night!

    I got to be a WW Leader for 3 years. That was VERY rewarding.

    I've been on the normal roller coaster ride most of us experience since then. I've been up and down many times in the past 6 years since hitting goal. My main goal has always been to stay on the path and help anyone else I meet on the journey.

    New Avitar 1/8/10

    As long as I don't quit, I cannot fail.

    PS What matters is how you see yourself
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    B4 & After:

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