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Thread: Summer Twist to the Diet Soda Cake

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    Default Summer Twist to the Diet Soda Cake


    1 Box of Lemon or Strawberry Cake Mix
    1 Can of Diet Mt. Dew or Diet Sprite (I use Diet Mt. Dew for that extra tang)
    1 Small Package of Sugar Free Strawberry Kiwi Jello
    1 Tub of Lite Cool Whip
    1 Cup of Sliced Strawberries
    1 Cup of Sliced Kiwi

    In a Large bowl stir cake mix and soda together until smooth.(yes, that's all you need)
    Pour into greased and floured rectangle cake pan and follow baking instructions on cake mix box.
    (It usually takes less time than the box says, check it frequently towards the end)
    Let the cake only slightly cool.
    Now, take a toothpick and poke several holes in the cake.
    Mix Jello as directed on box and pour on cake.
    Refridgerate cake for about 3 to 4 hours.
    Spread Cool Whip over chilled cake and then decorate with strawberries and kiwis.
    P.S.You can also use different flavors of cake,jello and fruit. These are just what I use.
    This cake is 3.5 points per 4" x 4" piece.
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    Default Re: Summer Twist to the Diet Soda Cake

    This is also good with blueberries and strawberries for a flag cake.
    "People used to describe me as having nice eyes. Now I'm the one with the big ****."

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