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Thread: Simply Filling Daily('til we start a weekly)~Friday~April 24

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    Default Simply Filling Daily('til we start a weekly)~Friday~April 24

    Good Morning!

    Quick HELLO before work. I'm all ready for a POP day and busy day at work! Hope you all have a great day, I'll check in later!

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    Default Re: Simply Filling Daily('til we start a weekly)~Friday~April 24

    Good FRIDAY Morning!

    I am so extremely glad that it's Friday! We only have 4 more weeks of school left and people are ready for it! It has been a loooonnnnngggg week!

    DH was gone again last night and I let both kids sleep with me (i'm a softy, I know) but I must have been really tired because I slept very well!

    We don't have a lot planned for the weekend and it's supposed to be cool and rainy so we may not get to spend a lot of time outside, but it will be nice to be home!

    Linda~Have a great day at work!

    Make it a great one!

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    Default Re: Simply Filling Daily('til we start a weekly)~Friday~April 24

    Morning buddies!

    Boy do my feet ache this morning! We had our charity shopping event last night & raised over $1800 for our local children's hospital. It was a fun evening, and all for a great cause. One of the local TV presenters was 'hosting' the evening for us, and she came with a satellite truck & did a live broadcast from the event on th 6pm news!!! Such great publicity for us.

    Anyway, back to my money counting, I am keen to know the final total.

    I'm off today, and then work all weeknd. I have 11 birthday parties over the weekend. My poor feet, it's going to be a long weekend!!!

    have a great day - make it count!


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    Default Re: Simply Filling Daily('til we start a weekly)~Friday~April 24

    Hi, Buddies

    It's looking like a nice weekend here. We are painting the house ourselves, and just got a teeny bit started last weekend. I hope to do more stripping of the old lousy paint job, and get primer on. It's going to be a LONG process, but we will keep at it as long as the weather cooperates. (We are also changing the color-so it's kind of exciting to see the new stuff go up !)
    We also have a family of 14 staying with us this weekend while they visit their son in the seminary near here. Luckily, they are very LOW maintenance, so aside from providing a place to sleep and possibly dinner tonight, I do nothing !
    My girls have their last regular gym meet this weekend-then to the state finals in May. THEN on to Level 5 !!! They are so excited to move on. I am SOOOO proud of them !
    DH was up sick all night-stomach thing as well as nasty cough/sore throat. Hopefully he'll be able to put in a full day at work. He wanted so much to do stuff around the house this weekend. Got himself a new chain saw last week that I know he is dying to use. THAT'LL probably be the cure he needs
    I just finished my hour run on the treadmill. Best workout I've had all week. I felt kind of run down this week. Maybe it was all the cold and rain. It's GORGEOUS out right now-JUST what I needed !
    Hope everyone has a great OP day
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    Default Re: Simply Filling Daily('til we start a weekly)~Friday~April 24

    Good Morning!

    Sleep did not go well last night but that's because Claire kept waking me up for various reasons. She's on my "list" today!! And, it's a PD Day here so it's *go time* for this SAHM!!

    I made it in to WW to WI for the month this morning (with the kids in tow). My leader was gushing about how good I was looking and I told her that I'm up 4lbs this month so I'll take the kudos when I'm back down again!! Good news is that I had enough room that I was still a few pounds under WWGW. I'm going back next week and am hoping that I can get back down to my lowest. TOM arrived this morning so that may be out of my control even though staying OP every day this week *is* within my control!!

    We got some shopping done after weighing in and then headed home. The boys & I are listening to our audiobook and Claire is upstairs dancing. I'm feeling really nauseous right now but I suspect it's an intestinal thing and as soon as I go to the bathroom, at some point soon, I should be feeling better!

    I'm taking the kids (and some friends) swimming at the aquatic center after lunch for a couple of hours. We'll come home for dinner and then I'll head out to the gym. I'm not sure if I'll go in for a workout before yoga or just go for yoga. I'll figure that out later!!

    Have a great OP day everybuddy!

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    Default Re: Simply Filling Daily('til we start a weekly)~Friday~April 24

    Morning, Buds. Today is Friday, but DH is working 6/10s, so it's same ole-same ole for me. DS is going away this weekend to a rock mine in No Jersey and hopes to sell some of the silver wire 'wraps' he has been making. He has been making some interesting pins, pendants, and rings, self taught, but right now he can't make a living making jewelry. But he does love it. The mine is full of fluorescent rocks that look normal until you put them under a black light and then they glow in beautiful colors. It should be a beautiful weekend here in NJ. Maybe even 'hot' approaching 90 degrees.

    I've still got a disc bothering me in my back, but I hope to get on the bike today! It's been a while with all the rain we had and yesterday the incredible windy conditions.

    Yesterday I went to a nursery co-op to check out the plants, but I'm interested in house plants and it's the wrong season for them. But I was in my element in huge greenhouses. My first jobs were as a floral designer. I worked in one place that was housed in a nursery of 50+ greenhouses. It was heaven. Hard work, but I loved it. Not good for someone with a weak back and bad feet, though. Huge buckets of water and flowers are heavy, so are potted trees!! But nothing beat the feeling of going into a work environment of such beauty, acres really, of nothing but color and scent!

    I made an oatmeal topped apple cobbler which was a disaster!! First I used instant pudding for a berry cobbler recipe, and it set up immediately! I had to put the mess in a strainer and run water over it to get rid of the 'cottage cheese-like' pudding mess. Then I adjusted the thickener way down to 1T of instant pudding and 1T corn starch and the apples cooked up like a delicious apple pie filling. PERFECT! But----the topping I made with quick oats, not the old fashioned oats, and it was a brick. So I separated the 2 parts and just saved the apples!

    I need to come up with a topping I like. I'll post the recipe when I do.
    ~Nancy in SJ

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    Default Re: Simply Filling Daily('til we start a weekly)~Friday~April 24

    Good Morning!

    DH is off today as he works a 9/80 schedule. It's nice to have some company, as jobhunting and being home alone all day every day gets me a bit down at times. We're off to go bowling. We were going to go on a hike, but it still looks like we might get some rain. Later we'll go see a movie, hang out in our favorite bookstore, and then we'll each do our respective workouts. I'm planning a video of some kind.

    I've been making lots of the Core recipes listed here and loving them. Last night I made the Core Hamburger Helper recipe and DH and I both really liked it. I've got the Pumpkin Polenta Cake in the oven right now. It smells really good.

    Tomorrow is my first week WI after getting back on track. I'm hoping for a good loss, but am feeling so much better eating healthful food and getting exercise in, that I'm not so preoccupied with the numbers right now.

    I hope everyone has a great OP day!

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