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    You know what it just seems like yesterday i had posted my 30 pound milestone now 50 pounds is creeping up i'm only 3 pounds away. And I must say i feel 100 times better then i did when i first started ww back in july. I have a ton of energy i can go all day long busy busy and not get tired. I work out every night and i love it i'm so addicted and when it comes to eating when its a habit now to eat right and count my points i don't even have to calculate them anymore unless i'm eating something new. WW was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am down to 158 its been 14 years since i've been under 160. I feel great!!! I have went from 205 pounds to 158 in 7 in a half months. From a size 20 jean to a size 11.....from a size XXL t-shirt to a wedding ring doesn't even fit anymore....It's just amazing what FAT does to a person inside and out. I'm all about things that motivate me to keep me going and right now its cute clothes that i wanna get into. My mom bought me this super cute blue jean jacket its tailered on the sides so its super slimming so that is my goal right now i have it in my bedroom i look at it every morning. I also watched this show the other night it was called the half ton teen absolutely amazing he was 19 and weighed 825 pounds so sad....that gives me the motivation to keep going. You know at first i was like how in the heck does someone let themself get that big.....but then i looked at myself and thought how did i let myself get up to 220pounds its like one day you are fine and the next day your huge. I do know Stress about kills a person. But we all are trying to do something about it and that is all that matters. Well i just wanted to tell everyone about my short term success i have 23 pounds to go to hit my goal!!! My 27th Birthday is on June 3rd hoping i can make my goal by then that would be a great present to myself. Well Good luck to everyone this week and in the future on their weight loss.

    SW: 230
    CW: 152.8
    GW: 135

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    Keep up the great work!

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    Wow, you are doing great! Keep up the hard work. Feel free to post some progress pics.
    HW: 190.4/SW: 180.2 5/23/07
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    You have said so many wonderful things....I am so proud of you! You are doing fantastic!

    WHOA DANG!!! Way to GO!!

    HW: 297/ RESTART: 207.8/ CW: 205.6 / WWG: 146

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    *RNT is not an is a challenge!

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    Your words mean so much to me and they are so inspirational!!!

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