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Thread: Fantastic 2 POINT PIZZA ( Big Serving)

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    Default Fantastic 2 POINT PIZZA ( Big Serving)

    I just created this for lunch and it was Great even BF loved it. And it only 2 pts!

    1 Arnold Sandwich Thin
    2 Tbsp Tomato Sauce ( add a smidge of splenda,Italian seasoning and garlic salt)
    1/4 ff shredded Cheese
    All the 0 point veggies you want( I used bell pepper and red onion)

    Open the sandwich thin, and place on cookie sheet, spoon sauce evenly over both halves, top with veggies and cheese. Spray cheese with pam and place under broiler for 5 mins or until desired doneness.
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    Default Re: Fantastic 2 POINT PIZZA ( Big Serving)

    Great idea! I never thought to use the sandwich thins like that. I usually use whole wheat pita and some pizza sauce with the cheese. It is 4 points though.
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    Default Re: Fantastic 2 POINT PIZZA ( Big Serving)

    It works even better if you toast the thin first. I figured out they made good "crust" for pizza the first week I found them!

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    Default Re: Fantastic 2 POINT PIZZA ( Big Serving)

    You can also make pizza using Flatout Bread. And we always add turkey pepperoni - I think it's 17 of them for 1 point and they taste just as good as the regular. My DD loves to make her own pizza (so do DH and I).

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    Default Re: Fantastic 2 POINT PIZZA ( Big Serving)

    I just discovered the flatout flatbread, and I have been making pizza on those for dinner and they are amazing. I like to add the cocktail mini buffalo chicken sausage to it!

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    Default Re: Fantastic 2 POINT PIZZA ( Big Serving)

    Sounds great! I just discovered the sandwich thins and have been eating low-fat tuna salad or lunchmeat on them. I will have to try this! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Fantastic 2 POINT PIZZA ( Big Serving)


    Pizza you are sweet talkin' me.

    I love using a low-carb whole wheat small tortilla, heat up the pizza stone and bake the tortilla until a little crispy, add tomato sauce with garlic and basil, FF cheese and veggies. --melt. The tortilla is 1 point then I add the points for the sauce, cheese and veggies. If I am really craving meat I will put chop up 2-3 pepperoni slices and add those points.

    A yummy meal for under 6 points. Better that the frozen WW pizza in the grocery store. I have even ordered a personal pizza at Toppers with only sauce and veggies.


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