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    I always really struggle with snacks (chocolate stuff mostly) that my coworker brings in. She just brought in a fresh batch along with fresh and warm soft pretzels.

    I am not even glancing at the bowl to see what she picked up.

    This post is mostly meant as a reminder to myself to get through the day without breaking.

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    You can do it! I always bring lots of filling snacks in to work with me so I am not as easily tempted. I'm talking about carrots, apples, plums, etc...sometimes I do go to the office candy container and pick up handfuls of candy and just let them run through my fingers as they fall back in to the bowl. Once I've touched them, I'm done with it for a week or two. I know...sounds weird but it works for me. Maybe I'm thinking the whole time about how many points are in my hands and whether or not I want to "waste" my time and points eating them.

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    Default Re: Office Snacks my Job we have a Vending Machine and I try to resist those good candies. I agree with you I'm trying to get through the day without breaking too. Good Post keep up that will power

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