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Thread: listening to body?

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    Default listening to body?

    so at our meeting yesterday, our leader told us that for this week, we needed to start listening to our bodies and not our minds when it came to eating. so our focus is to listen for the signs of being hungry (growling stomach, irritable, etc) and eat when they happen.

    well, i've been really paying attention today, and find that my stomach is growling wwwaaaayyyy more than i expected. it's almost ever 2 1/2 to 3 hours!!

    i don't know if it's because i need more food, more filling food (although almost everything i've had has been on the filling food list) or i'm just noticing it more, but man, right now, it's been almost 3 hours since my lunch, and i am really hungry!

    anyone else notice these things?

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    Default Re: listening to body?

    LT- I'm hungry a good chunk of the time. I exercise *a lot* and drink tons of water so my metabolism is fairly revved up on any given day. I have blood sugar issues as well so I need to have something closer to 3 meals and 2 snacks a day or else I encounter some problems.

    Speaking personally, it's not so much my hunger levels that I need to work on but rather my satisfaction levels. I can't change the fact that I'm really hungry every couple of hours but I can change how much I eat each time. Sometimes I can have a big meal and it will tide me over longer but sometimes I wind up just as hungry 2 hours later as if I'd eaten less before. Some things will keep me fuller longer so I try to make sure that I get in a good balance!!

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    YES !
    I started really paying attention to this in December. WOW -it is an eye opener !
    My next step with listening to my body was getting distracted, busy with things,and holding off on eating for a while if I could. Guess what ?? I could !!!
    It IS something that I will forget to do if I don't consciously make myself do it every day. It's an amazing thing once you start. I know that if I eat till satisfied- I will be ok for quite a while. And I know that eating till satisfied IS enough. That's why it's called SATISFIED !!!
    Keep at it, LT- it is worth the effort
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    well i did pretty well until dinner, then got a bit too hungry. i ate a good amount, and ended up somewhere between satisfied and full. so i guess i am doing a good job today. still have 2 regular points and 4 activity points (from last night) to use if i need to. well, i'll use the 2 points for sure, but nice to have the extra four.

    i'm going to keep at it....listened to body all day, recorded in journal all just need to work on getting ALL my fruits/veggies and water.


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    One of the things I noticed this week is that what I mistook for hunger and/or cravings was actually a case of the jitters. I started thinking about it and realized that one of the supplements my doctor has me on has kind of an "upper" effect. I don't drink caffeinated drinks but I imagine those that drink a lot of coffee may experience the same feeling.

    Because I take the pill in the morning, I switched to having a really high protein breakfast (I call it my scrambled spinach omelette) instead of my thick-cut rolled oats with fruit and it helped reduce the jittery/craving feeling.
    Note: I follow the Winning Points program

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    Default Re: listening to body?

    i am going to try changing to my higher protein breakfasts for the next little while. tomorrow i'm going to do eggs with veggies and ww cheese, and the next day ff cottage cheese and fruit. i think i feel more full during the day when i eat that stuff.


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    Default Re: listening to body?

    I just want to mention that my stomach rumbles for all kinds of reasons beside hunger. Sometimes it just is churning depending on the type of food I've eaten. I go more with the feeling of my stomach actually being EMPTY rather than it making any sounds.

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    just to clarify, the rumbles were accompanied with other signs of hunger....that empty feeling, the actual hunger feelings.

    i would even sit there and ask myself "am i actually hungry right now?" and that seemed to work wonders too. i had to actually squeeze something else in at the end of the day to reach my last 2 points!

    today i started with a nice egg scramble, and this new hashbrown stuff that was amazing. i am feeling nice and satisfied, and ready to start my day!


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