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Thread: Simply simple...imagine that!

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    Default Simply simple...imagine that!

    Well, I used to do CORE, and it was amazing. I am back and am so glad. It has been fun to put my food scale and measuring cups away. I cannot believe I am on a diet that allows cocoa, olives and avocados (to name a few delights).

    I strayed from CORE and took an amazing journey that made me the heaviest I have every been in my life (without being pregnant!). A relative of mine sells products from a company called Isagenix. You drink two shakes a day and eat a 500 calorie meal to lose weight. It works, but is really hard to stick to. I gained a lot of weight through "cheating" on this diet. Then I decided I should do flex, but just count points for the Isagenix shakes. As you can imagine, I picked real food over the shakes most meals. Then I remembered the simplicity of CORE/simply filling. I am so excited. It has been so easy to eat today. I have been eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full and sticking to simply filling foods...end of story. WOW, so simple!

    I am so excited and so happy to be back. I cannot wait to see some results, as all my clothing is TIGHT.
    Started simply filling on 1/18/09
    starting weight 203.5 lbs.
    current weight- 202 lbs.
    goal weight-160 lbs.

    "There are two kinds of people....those who ARE and those who WISH THEY WERE"

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    Default Re: Simply simple...imagine that!

    Welcome back Ellajoy!!! Now DON'T go away again!!!!

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    Default Re: Simply simple...imagine that!

    Welcome Ellajoy!

    You can do this!!


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    Back, Ellajoy!
    You can do it. I like the keyword of the new programs, Simply. It really is that easy. Don't give up and find a thread that you can get involved with, there are so many out there and so many encouraging people who will help us to reach our goals. Just keep reminding yourself that you can do this...
    Melissa Goal Getter Girl
    CW: 166.6 (need to get serious!!)

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    Default Re: Simply simple...imagine that!

    welcome ellajoy! Happy to have you here! What a journey you have been on! Guess thats how we learn...Have a wonderful week!!!!
    sw 222.2 cw 217.2 mg 165 gw 140

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