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Thread: Grilled Eggplant?

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    Default Grilled Eggplant?

    I attempted to make grilled eggplant last night.. and I made it with the George Foreman grill. Now.. I brushed mine with some EVOO and some herbs, s&p, etc.. and I cooked it around 5-7 minutes.. and they were so soggy and gross I couldn't even eat them. What did I do wrong???

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    You probably cooked them too long, or sliced them too thin. Personally, I love eggplant when it gets all soft and gooey, but I could understand why you don't. Next time, check them after a little less time.
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    Eggplant is my favorite vegetable! I always look for it in an entrée when eating out. But it can go wrong 2 ways ---be undercooked or slightly raw. As bad as eating an uncooked potato. OR it can be too mushy. I once had a mashed mess at Carrabba's. Mushy eggplant swimming in a pool of olive oil. A disaster. I like to bake mine to make sure it's done. Like eggplant parm or lasagna. OH, a third way to ruin eggplant: once I had a vege pita sandwich will grilled eggplant and I swear I was eating shoe leather. It was completely dehydrated.

    but I never give up, I am always willing to try new eggplant meals. Cause when it's good, it's so worth it.
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    Do you have some recipes you'd share with me for the eggplant parm or lasanga?! I'd love ya for it! (And thanks for the advice!) I only cooked it for 6 minutes in a foreman grill, but apparently, that was just too much!

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