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Thread: Food Did NOT Provide Comfort!

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    Thumbs up Food Did NOT Provide Comfort!

    Okay, so today I had to meet with my boss about the cash crisis at the university. My spidey senses were telling me that the worse case scenario was that I'd be laid off--that my unit would be shut down.

    This morning, I couldn't concentrate on my work. I went for a walk. I passed the neighborhood market that has a bakery in it with delicious looking food.

    I succumbed.

    I took 3-4 bites of the (very large food porn) and said to myself, "This will NOT solve the problem! You don't NEED comfort food! You are STRONG!"

    and I threw the rest away.

    Next time, there won't be a next time

    Oh, and by the way, I was laid off today (from my interim/temporary position). Next Friday is my last day of work. I get to focus exclusively on my coaching practice again
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    Default Re: Food Did NOT Provide Comfort!

    WOW Julie, nice NSV for YOU!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your loss of your job, but if YOU are happy, then I am happy FOR YOU!!!!!

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    LostTeacher Guest

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    i personally think that is a really amazing food victory!!!! instead of taking those 4 bites and saying to heck with it, you realized what this was doing for you, and stopped. not nearly everyone would be able to do that.

    i too am sorry to hear about the lay-off, but maybe for now it's for the best, at least sound like that's what it is to you. blessings come when we least expect it.


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    Great Job!!! That probably felt better than anything.

    I may be right there with you. I work for LAUSD and our school board decides on Tues. whether to start letting teachers go midyear.....

    Sorry for the lay off. That means there is something better waiting for you.

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    Default Re: Food Did NOT Provide Comfort!

    Awesome strength! This journey IS a learning thing.We have to re-program everything right down to our thoughts!
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    I love NSV's! Good recovery and Great positive thinking about your Coaching... When you are doing your best work, many others benefit. I've seen it here, many times.

    B4 & After:

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    Good Job Dr. J!!!!! Sorry to hear about your job-loss (although, I think it's their loss!!) . Hope this opens up only good things for you!

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    Thanks, everyone!

    Doing the Shred Challenge has helped me in sooooo many ways! I just feel like I can take this next stage of my journey in stride. I don't need food to provide solace because...well, I'm strong and capable handling anything that comes along!

    Ain't it great??
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    WTG, Dr. J. You are strong. You have been faithful in a little, you will be given more.

    Bigger and Better things are around the corner for you.

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    Good job with the food porn Dr Julie. what an amazing achievemnet.

    As for your job, I am sure something better is waiting for you. As one of the PP's said - it's their loss.

    Keep up the good work!


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    You know how we always say to have a plan in place? Well, I'm not feeling badly about the "job loss." It was a temporary job that was only supposed to last until May anyway. Because I knew the job would end, I've had a "soft landing plan" in place since last August when I started it.

    I have complete peace of mind for my future because I planned.

    What Winning Tool would that be? Mental Rehearsing?

    Planning really DOES make all of the difference. My stress yesterday was not necessarily about having the term of my employment reduced. It was more about wanting to get the meeting over with so that I could get on with my life! Eating the food porn wasn't going to make the meeting arrive any sooner. I already had a sense of what it was going to be about and I already had a plan in place for my soft landing. Soooooooooo, I stopped myself from falling into old patterns about self-medicating with food porn!

    It IS their loss (my boss was nearly in tears) but it is my gain But, mostly, I feel badly for the students who will lose out on the opportunity to be prepared when (if) they find a job as professors.
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    Default Re: Food Did NOT Provide Comfort!

    Inspiring. Thank you
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    That is such an inspiring story! IT is definitely their loss.

    A friend of mine has had a series of bad events happen in her life. She, her husband and her sons all lost their jobs (same household), her teenage son had a baby and her dad just had a stroke. Yes, you appreciate your life after hearing about them. Well before this she had lost a lot of weight, which she has struggled with for years. I worried that this would set her back. But instead of sitting home feeling sorry for herself, she is throwing herself into the gym and maintaining her weight loss. Like Dr. J, she is making a choice that food won't make her feel better!
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    Thumbs up Re: Food Did NOT Provide Comfort!

    Great recovery (I liked your word, CW), Julie!

    I like that you were aware, and thinking, and that allowed you to change your behavior and throw it away...

    We've all got to learn what makes us strong, and what makes us feel strong, and then DO those things so we ARE strong!
    May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.

    Check out my website!


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    Default Re: Food Did NOT Provide Comfort!

    What are NSV's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freetobethin View Post
    What are NSV's?
    non scale victory
    Judy S.
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    Thanks Judy! I've never heard of them, but I like them. What a great phrase!

    That is one to mediate on... Chew on...Yes, I want many NSV's!

    WTG, Julie, may you have many more NSV's!

    *Irene* Thin for Life: Yes!

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