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Thread: Hubby lost weight too!!

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    Default Hubby lost weight too!!

    My darling husband has been pretty supportive of me being on the WW plan....

    as long as it doesn't prevent HIM from eating Oreos and Entenmann's.

    I believe it was in the summer...I called him into the bathroom to weigh himself. I'd lost about 15 lbs, and I wanted to see how much more he weighed than me. He was 222 6'3.

    Now I'm down over 35 lbs...we've switched from 1% to skim, made many changes in what we do for dinner (no more Papa John's pizza...we used to eat one more takeout every other night, etc.) but he hasn't changed his snack habits too drastically nor his breakfast habits much. It's basically been an "eating in rather than out" change for him.

    I called him into the bathroom the other day to weigh himself....which he sighed and said "Do I have to??" LOL

    He was down to 213!!! He said "No way!" and moved the scale and stepped on it again. Sure enough, it was correct.

    I smiled and said "You have me to thank for're quite welcome."

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    Default Re: Hubby lost weight too!!

    That just goes to show that a few basic changes CAN make a big difference. People automatically think they can no longer have the goodies if they are trying to lose weight.

    Great job on the weight loss to you and your hubby!

    life is short---live it to the fullest!

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    Default Re: Hubby lost weight too!!

    Has he changed his outlook since realizing he lost weight? I think that this is an awesome testament! Congrats!
    SW: 239.0 (12.30.10) CW: 233.6 (01.05.12) GW: 150
    Loss: 5.4 lbs thus far

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    Default Re: Hubby lost weight too!!

    Good for both of you!

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    Default Re: Hubby lost weight too!!

    Awww. I love the "you have me to thank for that..."


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