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    Wendy's has two sizes of chili-small (8 oz) for 4 points and large (12 oz) for 7 points. Does anyone else think that small size is way more than 8 ounces?

    I love to get the baked potato and small chili and pour some of the chili in the potato-yummy! I count it as a total of 10 points but I think that may be way too low.

    I weigh and measure all my food at home and have been for years now. I think I have a pretty good visual for sizes. I always eat that chili at the restaurant but am tempted to bring one home to weigh it.

    I thought perhaps just my local Wendy's was using the wrong container but I have seen others getting the "large" container (by the way-I am thinking that is not 12 ounces either).

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    I've never thought of that before but I don't worry about it. Restaurants use quite a bit of guesswork on their nutritional information so in good faith I can only go on what they tell me. It hasn't slowed my losses any but to the extreme I guess it could.

    I wouldn't worry about it if you are losing consistently.
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    If you have doubts you can always bring one home and dump it into a measuring cup. I've had concerns about the reported serving sizes of other fast food places. On the few occasions I get fries, I normally weigh them and compare it with the serving size from their nutrition chart. Most of the time it's pretty close. Sometimes it can be off by enough to swing it a point or two either way - usually on the high side. But Wendy's chili isn't nearly as point-dense as fries, so I doubt it would be off by even as much as a full point. Also remember that those containers have false bottoms to make it look bigger.
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