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Thread: Mango 'cheesecake' recipe - 3 points/slice

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    Default Mango 'cheesecake' recipe - 3 points/slice

    For all you mango lovers out there! This low point take on cheesecake is absolutely delish and very easy to make. I like to eat it cold for a sweet and light finish to a spicy dinner. Goes well after Indian food or other spicy meal.

    This recipe makes 2 crusts worth

    Mango Cheesecake - 3 points per slice for 16 servings (8 per crust)
    2 points for the crust and 1 point for the mango filling

    1 large (30 oz) can of mango puree (I bought mine in an Indian grocery store)
    2 low fat pre-made graham cracker crusts
    1 package gelatin
    8 oz FF cream cheese
    8 oz FF half/half or FF evaporated milk
    1 cup hot water
    8 tbsp granular splenda

    Use mixer to combine half and half, mango puree and cream cheese and heat up in a saucepan. Add gelatin to hot water and mix well, then add to mango mixture and continue to cook for 1 minute. Pour into crusts and place in refrigerator overnight to let it set.

    The points will vary depending on how sugar is in the mango puree you use. Mine came to 3 points per slice with 8 slices per crust.
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